Summertime standouts: Sara Begley, apparel and merchandising

July 20, 2017

Sara Begley

"I knew since a very young age I wanted to work in the apparel industry," said Sara Begley, an apparel and merchandising major with a concentration in apparel design and production, part of the Department of Design and Merchandising at Colorado State University. "I chose CSU to pursue a degree in apparel design since it has such a great program for design and production."

This summer, Begley has been working with Ibex Outdoor Clothing in White River Junction, Vermont, as a design and product development intern. Ibex places an emphasis on fabric sustainability and resource management with the goal of making "durable, evolving, active and modern" apparel. Begley, a concerned environmentalist, saw this internship as a perfect opportunity to do what she loves and do her part to advance environmental conservation.

"I became aware of how wasteful the fashion industry can be," Begley said. "A lot of clothing never gets recycled and simply piles up as waste. However, we can change how old garments are disposed of. I want to be part of building a better industry that is safer for the environment and less toxic. I still think we can save the world."

Begley's work with Ibex lies mostly within the field of design. She is part of a team that creates designs of active tops (long sleeves, short sleeves and tanks) as well as curates mood boards and collages as briefs to send to graphic designers for t-shirt print art. However, her work does not end there. Begley also works on garment fitting and technical designing when Ibex gets its clothing prototypes.

"Being such a small company, there are people that cover multiple areas," Begley said. "The design team I am a part of covers textile designs and prints, making new fabrics, design garments, technical flats and garment fit. Up until this point I have been a part of each of those areas."

Begley is also a long-time athlete, and her love for athletics has greatly influenced her choice in apparel production. She believes her internship is great segue to a career in athletic and "athleisure" clothing production. The East Coast is in her sights too as a destination after she graduates.

"My internship has solidified the fact that I do want to work in the athletic and athleisure industry," Begley said. "Working with the incredible people at Ibex has opened so many doors for me, and I have made so many new connections I wouldn't have if I hadn't taken this opportunity. I would really like to stay on the East Coast as well. It is a beautiful area, and Boston is a place I would love to call my home."

Story by Christian Knoll

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