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Perryman nutrition column: Cool Tips for Summer Drinks

FORT COLLINS - There's nothing better than a cool drink on a hot summer day to feel refreshed. Recently my husband and I were on vacation...

Brian Christensen with student

Champion Archer and Health and Exercise Science Faculty Member Target Understanding of Neuromuscular Physiology

Since winning the 2006 National Collegiate Outdoor Championship in archery, Brian Christensen has put his highly trained muscles to good use. Christensen, a spring 2008...

Moving Textile Collection

History on the move: More than 12,000 clothing artifacts find a new home at new CSU Center for the Arts

In a massive and coordinated effort, more than 12,000 artifacts of history were carefully packed in acid-free paper, nestled in boxes and moved July 10, from...

Susanne Jalbert

Alumni Spotlight - Susanne Jalbert: Producing Progress and Prosperity in Iraq

Thousands of miles away in the war zone of Iraq, Dr. Susanne E. Jalbert (pictured third from left) is working to develop local business and entrepreneurship...

Grocery Store Receipt

Perryman nutrition column: Ten Tips to Ease the Bottom Line at the Grocery Store

FORT COLLINS - It's not just shock at the price of gas making headlines. Food costs at the grocery store are getting our attention as well....