Faculty in the College of Health and Human Sciences are actively engaged in basic and applied research, tackling critical issues on a wide range of human concerns from health and wellness through the life cycle, to educational reform, to sustainable design and housing. As a human centered College, we are guided by the principle that research should not only contribute to scientific knowledge but also be translated into programs, policies, and applications that put that knowledge to work. Faculty members collaborate extensively with colleagues across the College and University and at other Universities and agencies. Students, both graduate and undergraduate, enjoy the opportunity to work alongside faculty and participate in cutting-edge research.

Current Research News

Sarah Prendergast

Ph.D. student lands national fellowship to research children's well-being

Sarah Prendergast, a CSU doctoral student researching factors that promote children's readiness for school, was one of only 15 people in the nation to receive a...

SSW Ph.D. Students

Social work doctoral students continue on successful path

In a stadium full of fellow graduate students wearing mortarboard caps and gowns signifying academic excellence, two doctoral students in the School of Social Work, Annie...

John Howe

School of Education doctoral student receives grant to work with Canadian STEM ed program

For School of Education doctoral student John Howe, bringing STEM education to all students is more than a goal—it's a driving, personal mission.

"There was a...

Maggie Jaeger

College of Health and Human Sciences students recognized for their research and creativity

The annual Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity (CURC), showcase allows undergraduate students from a range of University colleges and their corresponding majors to highlight...

Neha Lodha

Q&A with health and exercise science assistant professor Neha Lodha

Neha Lodha is an assistant professor in CSU's Department of Health and Exercise Science, and is also the director of the Laboratory for Movement Neuroscience and...

Kids in a classroom

CSU students helping create healthier K-12 school environments

Colorado State University graduate students are involved in a new project to create healthier environments in K-12 schools, and they're starting with a pilot project in...

Krystal Kniegge

M.S.W. student gains best of both worlds from advanced generalist program

Like many social work students, upcoming M.S.W. graduate Krystal Kneigge began her social work education not knowing exactly which direction she wanted to go, in this...

Bill Roberts

Fulbright recipient to study cultural integration of OT program in Trinidad and Tobago

Bill Roberts, a Ph.D. student in the Colorado State University Department of Occupational Therapy, was inspired to learn more about international occupational therapy education by his...

Sarah Bibbey

Social work student wins prize for undergraduate research

The 2017 cash prize winners for CSU's Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity showcase have been announced, and for the second time social work student Sarah Bibbey...


Lab looking for volunteers to donate their brainwaves to science

The CSU Brainwaves Research Lab in the Department of Occupational Therapy is currently conducting two studies and is looking for people with autism/Asperger's disorder (15 -...