Faculty in the College of Health and Human Sciences are actively engaged in basic and applied research, tackling critical issues on a wide range of human concerns from health and wellness through the life cycle, to educational reform, to sustainable design and housing. As a human centered College, we are guided by the principle that research should not only contribute to scientific knowledge but also be translated into programs, policies, and applications that put that knowledge to work. Faculty members collaborate extensively with colleagues across the College and University and at other Universities and agencies. Students, both graduate and undergraduate, enjoy the opportunity to work alongside faculty and participate in cutting-edge research.

Current Research News

Colorado Produce

Wanted: CSU graduate students for new produce safety fellowships

CSU graduate students interested in the intersection of produce safety and farming have a new opportunity for a paid fellowship program, starting in the fall of...

Micah Battson

Pitch perfect: Nutrition student named research fellow

Micah Battson, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, was one of 14 Colorado State University graduate students who successfully pitched...

Manfred Diehl congratulated by President Tony Frank

Manfred Diehl named CSU University Distinguished Professor

Manfred Diehl, an expert on the psychology of aging, has been named a University Distinguished Professor, one of Colorado State University's highest faculty honors.

Known for...

picture of truck ramp

CM Professors lead Colorado Department of Transportation Emergency Truck Ramp Improvements Research Project

There are thirteen emergency truck ramps on Colorado Highways, five of which are located on Interstate 70. The Lower Straight Creek emergency ramp just west of...

Karyn Hamilton

CSU researchers exploring compounds that could extend lifespan

While we're still a long way from creating a pill that allows people to live longer, two Colorado State University researchers are studying plant-based compounds that...

Brett Filing

Research, teaching, and exercise science: Q&A with assistant professor Brett Fling

Brett Fling is an assistant professor in the Department of Health and Exercise Science at Colorado State University and the Director of the Sensorimotor Neuroimaging Laboratory....

QuadshoX group

CSU research quantifies effectiveness of wheelchair suspension system

A Colorado State University business and research collaboration is helping to improve the lives and health of wheelchair users. QuadshoX founder and CSU alumnus John...

Over Consumption Poster

Clothing and Sustainability: Your carbon footprint three-day event

The School of Global Environmental Sustainability's Global Challenges Research Team "[Over]Consumption: The Culprit Causing an Environmental Crisis in your Closet" is hosting a three-day event March...

Assistant professor in human development and family studies Allyson Brothers

Researching attitudes about aging: Q&A with assistant professor Allyson Brothers

Allyson Brothers is an assistant professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies. She earned her bachelor's in psychology from Roanoke College and...

Eli Finer

Nutrition honors student receives national Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Eli Finer, an undergraduate Honors Program student studying nutrition and food science at Colorado State University, has been selected to receive the American Society for Microbiology...