CHHS Mini-Grant Program

The CHHS mini-grant program is focused on helping faculty be more competitive in their extramural funding requests. Support can be requested for summer salary, graduate assistant support, pilot data collection or other activities directly linked to an external funding opportunity. The final report is the submitted proposal.

Recipients for this year’s mini-grant program have already been selected (see announcement below). However, faculty can apply at any time for up to $500 to assist with external peer review of developed proposals. For more details on this program, contact Stephanie Ouren (

Congratulations to the 2015-2016 CHHS Mini-Grant Recipients

Early Investigator Award -- $5000
Arlene Schmid, PhD - Occupational TherapyFeasibility and Pilot Study of Yoga after Traumatic Brain Injury
Laura Malinin, PhD - Design and MerchandisingNeglected Health Disparity in the Labor Market: Older Workers with Physically Demanding Jobs and their Cognitive Deterioration
Eunhee Choi, PhD - School of Social WorkNeglected Health Disparity in the Labor Market: Older Workers with Physically Demanding Jobs and their Cognitive Deterioration
Interdisciplinary Award -- $15,000
Mike Pagliassotti, PhD - Food Science and Human Nutrition, Kimberly Cox-York, PhD - Food Science and Human Nutrition and Matt Hickey, PhD - Health and Exercise ScienceCollection and Characterization of Human Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue for the Submission of a Cross-Disciplinary NIH P01
Mentorship Award -- $10,000
Vivian Li, PhD - Design and Merchandising and Juyeon Park, PhD - Design and MerchandisingNovel Electrospun Nanofiber-based Sensors for Detection of Bacterial Infection
Senior Investigator Award -- $5,000
Chris Bell, PhD - Health and Exercise Science and Raoul Reiser, PhD - Health and Exercise ScienceUse of High Intensity Training to Improve Stability and Fatigue Resistance in Older Men and Women
Raoul Reiser, PhD - Health and Exercise Science, Ben Miller, PhD - Health and Exercise Science, Karyn Hamilton, PhD - Health and Exercise Science and Kelly Santangelo, DVM, PhD Microbiology, Immunology & PathologyDevelopment of Hartley Guinea Pig as a Translational Model of Accelerated Musculoskeletal Aging

Past Mini-Grant Recipients

Adam Chicco (HES), with Gerrit Bouma (BMS)Development of a Fads2LoxP plasmid for tissue-specific ablation of delta-6 desaturase in mice
Patti Davies (OT), Bill Gavin (HDFS), with Blythe Lagasse (Music) Investigating Neurologic Music Therapy for Children with Autism – A Feasibility Study
Thorsten Rudroff (HES)Brown adipose tissue activity: Does it explain age-associated weight gain?
Arlene Schmid (OT) and Brian Tracy (HES)Less Neuropathy after Yoga (LeNY)
Lauren Shomaker (HDFS)Depression and Excess Weight Gain in Adolescent Pregnancy
Ray Browning - Asst Prof, Health and Exercise Science Improving musculoskeletal function and reducing pain during walking in bariatric surgery patients
Caroline Clevenger and Rodolfo Valdes Vasques - Asst Prof/Asst Prof, Construction Management Increasing minority participation in STEM through collaborative learning
Michelle Foster - Asst Prof, Food Science and Human Nutrition Site specific differences in adipose depot metabolism and immune response: The role of lymph nodes
Mary Khetani - Asst Prof, Occupational Therapy From manager to consultant: Mobilizing parents to promote youth activity participation
Thorsten Rudroff - Asst Prof, Health and Exercise Science Understanding fatigue resistance in older adults and in patients with multiple sclerosis: A bioenergetics approach
Tiffany Weir - Asst Prof Food Science and Human Nutrition Characterization of intestinal inflammation and commensal bacteria in ovarectomized rats
2012-13 Multi-disciplinary Healthy Aging category
Emily Dakin, School of Social Work, and Louise Jennings, School of Education Depression treatment experiences among low-income elders with disabilities
Ben Miller and Karen Hamilton, Health and Exercise Science, and Carol Wilusz, Microbiology Regulation of mitochondrial protein synthesis in aging humans
Allison Bielak, Human Development and Family Studies, and Kellie Walters, Health and Exercise Science A cognitive and physical activity intervention for already active older adults
Brian Tracy and Raoul Reiser, Health and Exercise Science Neural mechanisms and functional implications of impaired control of muscle lengthening in older adults: A neurophysiology and biomechanics interdisciplinary project
2012-13 Open category
Michelle Foster, Food Science and Human Nutrition Visceral adipose tissue fatty acid composition links visceral fat to obesity-related liver pathophysiology
Aaron Eakman, Occupational Therapy Factors affecting activity participation and social engagement for persons utilizing a Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) day center
Mary Khetani, Occupational Therapy Field testing the Young Children’s Participation and Environment Measure for R21 application
Manfred Diehl, Human Development and Family Studies Measuring awareness of age-related change (AARC): A multidimensional approach
Tiffany Weir, Food Science and Human Nutrition Exploring the effects of fuzhuan tea on intestinal microflora and lipid metabolism
Chris Bell, Health and Exercise ScienceImproving insulin sensitivity in adults with sleep apnea.
Erika Lunkenheimer, Human Development and Family StudiesParent-child biobehavioral coregulation in at risk families.
Jennifer Ogle, Karen Hyllegard & Ajoy Sarkar, Design and MerchandisingAssessing the need for an innovative youth enrichment program: Building upon adolescent females’ “Passion for Fashion” to cultivate aptitude in math and science.
Francisco Palermo, Human Development and Family StudiesFostering Spanish-speaking preschoolers’ English development.
Ray Browning, HES; Garry Auld, FSHN and Susan Baker, FSHN Objective physical activity assessment in toddlers via accelerometry
Barb Hooper and David Greene, OT Opportunities for connection: Investigating the implementation of integrative learning in Occupational Therapy
Eulanda Sanders and Ajoy Sarkar, DM A sustainable design paradigm for smart performance textiles and apparel
Erika Lunkenheimer, HDFS K01 application on child abuse and neglect
David Bercerra and Malcolm Scott, SSW; Louise Jennings, SOE Public achievement: examining practices that support and sustain critical civic engagement among youth
Ben Miller and Karyn Hamilton, HES Effect of gastric bypass on CVD
Thomas Chermack and Susan Lynham, SOE A seminar to develop interdisciplinary research partnerships on applied scenario planning projects
Matt Malcolm and William Gavin, OT Electroencphalography changes following repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation
Jairam Vanamala, FSHN Resveratrol as a chemopreventive agent against obesity-enhanced colon tumorigenesis
Ray Browning, HES Developing walking exercise guidelines for obese adults
Adam J. Chicco, HES Leptin, cardiolipin and mitochondrial function: Etiological implications in heart failure and insulin resistance
Benjamin Miller & Christopher Bell, HES Beta-adrenergic regulation of mitochondria biogenesis
Brian L. Tracy, HES; Matt Malcolm, OT Stroke, brain stimulation, and motor control: Collaboration, research synergy, and grantsmanship between Health and Exercise Science and Occupational Therapy
Kimberly Bundy-Fazioli, SSW; Christine Fruhauf, HDFS Needs assessment of grandparents raising grandchildren
Emily Dakin & Louise Quijano, SSW Development of a needs assessment instrument and training modules for direct care staff at assisted living facilities serving adults with mental illness
Shelley Haddock, HDFS The efficacy of internal family systems therapy in the treatment of depression and suicide risk factors among young adults: A pilot study
Jenn Matheson, HDFS Incidence of injuries among college students with suspected substance use issues
Christopher Bell, HES Matthew Malcolm, OT Manipulation of the sympathetic nervous system with repetitive trans-spinal magnetic stimulation in healthy adult humans
Lisa A. Daunhauer, OT Promoting executive functions in daily activities for young children in foster care
Karyn L. Hamilton, HES Proteomic analysis of cardiomyocytes following treatment with soy derived phytoestrogens
Benjamin Miller, HES Exploring a potential mechanism for decreased muscle quality in older individuals