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Spring 2020 Projects

This virtual show features the Interior Architecture and Design capstone projects. The large-scale 80,000-100,000 sq. ft. projects represent research-based design, illustrating students’ competency in designing complex, large-scale interior environments and practicing through varied discussions with attention to contemporary social and cultural issues and paradigms facing the profession.

Groundswell Station

Groundswell Station, a co-working collective at the Fort Collins Municipal Railway is designed to be a place of progress and wonder for everyone to enjoy, a place to cultivate connections and actualize dreams.

Firefly Casino

A warehouse transformed into a small-scale casino located in York, Ontario, Canada. The design expands a traditional casino atmosphere with unique features like a garden area, waterfall, arcade, and dine-in theatre.

Peak’s Garden

Peak’s garden is a restaurant based on a zero-waste system. Design to be self-sustainable, Peak’s design has three main components that help fulfill the restaurants’ purpose. The three main spaces, is the restaurant, the greenhouse, and the warehouse.

Iki Kai Resort & Spa

The Iki Kai Resort & Spa was designed to bring a semi-luxury destination to the island of Kauai. The resort features various room types and private bungalows. The resort focuses on using sustainable materials in an upscale way to combine nature and luxury to give an ultimate vacation destination.

Andrew G. Clark Building, CSU

This project is a design proposal for the renovation of the Andrew G. Clark building, College of Liberal Arts, Colorado State University. The design is for diverse users, including students, faculty, staff, and other visitors, which provides a variety of spaces for study, work, information and reception, and other events.


Haplo is an affordable housing accommodation composed of three classifications of apartments. One for citizens who can afford 100% AMI, one for citizens who can afford 50% AMI, and one for citizens who can afford 25% AMI. There will also be a couple of units reserved for work-exchange tenants.

Aspen Grove

Aspen Grove is a Multifamily Affordable Housing that strives to take away the stigma from affordable housing. The design is based off an Aspen Grove’s shared root system to represent a rooted community

The Amavi Resort 

The Amavi Resort is a couple’s resort that is friendly towards the LGBTQ+ community. It is located in Monterey, California, and is focused on creating a memorable and positive experience for each guest that visits.

La Maree – A Wellness Community

La Maree is a wellness community designed around the concept of tides and the seemingly opposing push and pull of the moon on the ocean. La Maree aims to create a state of equilibrium beneath the surface of everyday life, where users are supported in balancing holistic wellbeing with their daily routines.

Rapt Exchange

Rapt Exchange is a multi-use building with the focus of creating a space to learn, play, and stay. Combining the ideas, the building features a speakeasy bar & mixology lab, workshop spaces, a casual restaurant with cooking class space, a boutique hotel, and a dessert bar and restaurant.


Arise is an artist cohousing community shaped by the beauty of the ever-changing creative process. With spacious multifamily apartments, dynamic collaboration spaces, and maker spaces with state of the art equipment, Arise aims to bring together the three most important things in an artist’s life: living, creating, and playing.

Starlight Onyx

Starlight Onyx is a boutique hotel located in the heart of Downtown, Denver. A destination catered to serve the generation of millennials.


BLOOM is an immersive educational space that brings multiple facets of a community together in one central hub. A 12 story building located at the edge of Central Park in New York City where a diverse group of people can come together to learn about pro-environmental behaviors.

Gods Park

Gods Park will help children develop into adults who understand and care for their environment. By doing so, this nature of the facility will help develop strong relationships between growing children and nature just like creating root systems within the earth.

Healing Touch

Healing Touch is a proposal for SPA & Hot SPRING designed to integrate into the local culture. It uses hot spring resources, to take health as the theme, to experience the spa culture, and to enhance the enjoyment of single treatment to a special fashion experience that meets the cultural and spiritual level of modern consumption.

Stadium Hotel

The challenge of this project was to create a place for fans and athletes alike to mentally retreat or focus. The design solution of this exploded from the fundamental triangles used during the play of soccer. 46 guestrooms overlook the soccer field, bringing stadium excitement and atmosphere into the hotel.


EVE is a business development center for female and nonbinary entrepreneurs. Combining vendor-style retail and foodservice with co-working, EVE is designed to emphasize empowerment, visibility, and equity.

Click Technologies – Corporate Headquarters

The corporate headquarters for Click Technologies embodies an activity-based workplace. Instead of forcing employees to change their work style to suit the design, the design was developed to best suit employees. The goal was to provide workers with a variety of task-specific areas based on how they spend their time.

The Bond

The Bond will serve as a mixed-use development in Windsor, CO. This community will strive to provide for Cast In Place’s Hispanic employees in three different sectors: housing, community, and business education.

Wholesome Healing Eating Recovery Center

The Wholesome Healing Eating Recovery Center is a center that helps aid the recovery of those dealing with eating disorder illnesses. The design overall encompasses the unique healing and recovery process of eating disorders including all patients, employees, and loved ones. It is a place that promotes a lifelong journey and growth.

The Fern- Male Focused Self-Care Club

The purpose of this project is to reframe self-care to the contemporary man through a facility that promotes a well-rounded physical, emotional, and mental health. A spa-like atmosphere was the focus by concentrating on the use of textures, colors, and circulation of different spaces to create an inclusive retreat-like space.

The Ohana Center

This facility is a multipurpose building providing resources and housing to young adults who have aged out of the foster care system. The transitional home focuses on providing an encouraging environment for education, growth, and success. While housing at the center is limited to two years, the relationships formed can last a lifetime.


Hotel DFRNT is a redesigned boutique hotel intended to help others experience the culturally rich city of Santa Fe, known as “The City Different” in a more modern and present day interior environment. The boutique hotel features a coffee shop, art gallery, New Mexican restaurant, spa, outdoor placita and more.

House of Elation

The House of Elation doubles as a community center and a homeless shelter; providing a safe space where unhoused and housed members of a community can interact in hopes of reducing the stigma surrounding homelessness. The public areas of the building attract Portland community members while acting as employment opportunities for those using the shelter.

A Cup of Community

A Cup of Community is a community center designed to fit the needs of the diverse demographic in the Capitol Hill district of Seattle. The design is inspired by the essence of coffee. The goal of the design is to provide a variety of spaces for different functional needs.

Hotel Anemoia

Hotel Anemoia is a luxury hotel located in downtown Denver. The hotel is both fun and sophisticated. It is meant to be an entertainment destination for the city, whether it’s for lunch, dinner, or a night out. It includes two restaurants, a live music lounge, and three cocktail bars.

Citrus & Sun Marketplace

Citrus & Sun is a marketplace focused on providing individuals with a place to work out, shop, socialize, and eat while promoting an active lifestyle and encouraging community involvement and inclusivity. It is located on a historical site in Irvine, California and its design preserves the historic architecture and site while allowing contemporary uses.

Haiti 3D

I developed a space that balances the users with intuitive, symmetrical circulation while allowing for the space to easily and rhythmically adapt to emergency disasters. The scale of the spaces provide everyone with an equal chance to improve their quality of life and seek additional knowledge on future aid and resources.

The MKB Tennis Center

A tennis center named after my mom, intended to be a melting pot, staple building in the community. It will bring together every demographic by sharing a genuine love for the activity of tennis. It also will provide activities for underprivileged or at-risk youth–even being able to check-out equipment within our pro shop.

Wild Animal Sanctuary

The Wild Animal Sanctuary’s education center is a 48,000 sq. ft. space with a new theatre, classrooms, and large dining spaces. Almost every space houses an educational aspect that allows for people to go into the sanctuary and depart with a newfound perspective. The sanctuary has been redesigned to create an inclusive feel, allowing for every guest to be able to partake and enjoy the spaces they have present.

The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is an all-encompassing, all-embracing communal clubhouse that fosters a sense of community while emphasizing collective wellness. This project provides a unique take on your average country club by providing a multitude of activities that encourage connection and socialization while ensuring that all prospective members are welcomed to join.

Meet Our Spring 2020 Cohort

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