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Congratulations Students!

We are proud to announce the Class of 2021 Interior Architecture and Design students.

Shelby Archuleta

Colorado Native and President of CSU’s Student Hospitality Network, Shelby Archuleta is an Interior Architecture and Design student studying Construction Management and Landscape Architecture. She is passionate about promoting health and wellbeing in interiors through biophilic design and hopes to pursue a career in Interior Landscaping.

Shelby Archuleta

Julie Aster

A reliable, focused student with a passion for creating interactions and relationships within spaces. Specific interests lie in residential, biophilia, off-grid residential, furniture, automotive design, and boutiques. Adept at handling multiple projects simultaneously and bringing them to completion. Her interests include Revit, AutoCad, the Microsoft Office, and the Adobe Creative suite.

Julie Aster Headshot

Claire Atkinson

Claire is currently a fourth year at Colorado State University. She chose Interior Architecture and Design/Hospitality due to her creative persistence and passion for interiors. She is currently the Student Representative to the Board for ASID and hopes to experience many different niches of the field throughout her career.

Claire Atkinson Headshot

Yesenia Avila

I am a first-generation college student majoring in Interior Architecture & Design with a certificate in business entrepreneurship. I am very passionate about making a positive impact on the environment and my community. I therefore want to further my education by receiving a LEED certification and my master’s in architecture.

Yesenia Avila headshot

Emmalyne Axtell

Emmalyne Axtell was born and raised in Colorado. Her love of the outdoors heavily influences her designs and inspires many of the spaces she creates. Along with her Design Thinking Certificate and love of Graphic Design, Emmalyne hopes to continue her growth in the Commercial sector.

Emmalyne Axtell Headshot

Baylee Bedard

My name is Baylee Bedard and I am a senior graduating from the Interior Architecture and Design program as well as a degree in Journalism and Media Communication. I have lived in Colorado my entire life and I love the outdoors, being active and playing sports.

Baylee Bedard Headshot
Ren Bergeron
Ren Bergeron Headshot

Sara Bovaird

Sara has expanded her learning by adding a minor in Global Environmental Sustainability, participating in the honors college, and several research design projects. Her passion for community-focused design has translated into her leadership roles in the CSU chapter of ASID and the department connections club DMLT.

Sara Bovaird Headshot

Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown graduated with a B.S. in IAD and a minor in Italian. As a LEED Green Associate, Sarah focuses on sustainability in commercial design. In 2018, she founded the Fight for Life Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser to help local women. She is passionate in helping the community and planet.

Sarah Brown Headshot

Katie Casebier

Raised in southwestern Colorado, Katie Casebier was drawn to the optimism of design. Interior Architecture has developed a passion for marrying paths of opportunity within constraints to strong conceptual design work. She is encouraged by the intention of every detail and looks forward to exploring this in sustainable and innovative contexts.

Katie Casebier Headshot

Renee Choksey

Renee hopes to pursue a career in aviation design. She is driven by her desire to have a positive impact on as many people as she can. She will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture and Design, with a minor in Construction Management.

Renee Choksey Headshot

Crystal Dreiling

I am a first-generation student. I come from a family of three which includes my mom, sister, and me. I will be graduating from Colorado State University in May of 2022 with a bachelor’s in Interior Architecture and Design with a minor in Construction Management.

Crystal Dreiling Headshot

Meg Dyer

My name is Meg Dyer, I am from Cincinnati Ohio, and I am a senior at Colorado State University in the Interior Architecture and Design program.

Meg Dyer Headshot

Gailie Glover

Originally from the Chicago-land area, I came to Colorado to pursue my passion for Interior Design while also continuing my education in the Italian language. I have learned a lot and made lifelong friends throughout my four years at CSU and in the IAD program.

Gailie Glover Headshot

Aileen Hernandez

Aileen Hernandez is a First-Generation scholar passionate about universal, secure, and sustainable design as a deserved right rather than an afforded luxury. Her interest in interdisciplinary design approaches led her to a focus area in Human Development and Family Studies. Aileen hopes to pursue a career in healthcare design.

Aileen Hernandez Headshot

Samantha Hills

Aileen Hernandez is a First-Generation scholar passionate about universal, secure, and sustainable design as a deserved right rather than an afforded luxury. Her interest in interdisciplinary design approaches led her to a focus area in Human Development and Family Studies. Aileen hopes to pursue a career in healthcare design.

Samantha Hills Headshot

Megan Howard

I grew up in Colorado and have always noticed the amazing design features Denver has to offer. I started my Interior Design journey at Northern Arizona University, loved it, but was still drawn to Colorado architecture. CSU has been the most welcoming place to design and complete my bachelor’s degree.

Megan Howard Headshot

Louis Inghilterra

Originally from outside New York City, I have been passionate about historic architecture and design since I was 5 years old. After photographing hundreds of abandoned historic buildings around the country, my goal is to use my degree in interior architecture to preserve and adaptively reuse historic buildings.

Louis Inghilterra Headshot

Katy Jackson

Earning my second B.S. in Interior Architecture and Design has been the most rewarding experience of my life. From my first day in class, I fell in love with this program and this field. I am so excited to begin a career in design; the sky is the limit!

Katy Jackson Headshot

Jordan Johnson

Jordan Johnson has graduated from Colorado State University’s CIDA-accredited Interior Architecture and Design Program. In addition to IAD, Jordan also pursed a design thinking certificate. In the new year, she looks forward to moving to Los Angeles, California and beginning her career as a Project Engineer at Morley Builders.

Jordon Johnson

Jeremy Johnston

I am currently a senior at Colorado State University majoring in Interior Architecture and Design. Over the three years of being at CSU I have developed a deep passion for interior design and have been learning all aspects of the job field.

Jeremy Johnston Headshot

Tia Jorgensen

Growing up I was always fascinated by interiors and how they could have such an immediate impact on your mood. Knowing this, I knew furthering my education in the IAD program would give me new skills and knowledge that I could apply to my personal design and career goals.

Tia Jorgensen Headshot

Eunwoo Jun

His diverse backgrounds and experiences range from his undergraduate study in Zoology, military service at Korea Combat Training Center, education abroad in Spain to architecture firm work.  He is interested in biophilic design, sustainability, cultural characteristics and physical/psychological impacts on humans.  He is also passionate about photography, traveling, pottery, and furniture-making.

Eunwoo Jun

Anna Lammers

Born and raised in Appleton, Wisconsin, Anna Lammers majored in Interior Architecture & Design with a minor in Global Environmental Sustainability. She will pursue a career in the design industry in hopes to build a more sustainable future for the world. Anna enjoys spending time outdoors with her rescue dog, Bean.

Anna Lammers Headshot

Charmaine Larsen

Growing up I have lived all over the globe and quickly found my passion for design. Graduating from CSU with Interior Architecture and Design as well as Construction Management experience, I intend to continue in the creative field and put forth my experiences and passions in Education and Hospitality design.

Charmaine Larsen Headshot

Karina Martinez

I came to CSU to pursue a degree in psychology and quickly realized that I needed to utilize my creativity alongside my interest in human behavior, this led to IAD. During my time in this program, I have discovered a passion for NeuroDesign and design for social impact.

Karina Martinez Headshot

Trinity Meyer

I am inspired by materials and sustainability and am excited to pursue a career in Interior Architecture and Design after graduation. I have enjoyed my time at CSU these past few years and will carry with me my passion for learning and creative thinking.

Trinity Meyer headshot

Dani Michelson

My passion for supporting others is reflected in my ASID presidency and health-focused designs. Personal experience with autoimmune health has enhanced my desire to create spaces that support total user wellness. The challenge of considering how every aspect of a space can affect our health motivates me to continue learning and designing.

Dani Michelson Headshot

Chloe Moore

Graduating with a B.S. in Interior Architecture and Design along with a minor in Construction Management, I have a passion for how design can change the world and how much spaces affect our wellbeing. I plan to work for an architecture firm with a focus on education and hospitality design.

Chloe Moore Headshot

Hadley Morris

Hadley Morris is a creative designer passionate about sustainability, alternative architecture and projects founded in community building and mutual aid. Her goal is to aid in destigmatizing and making alternative forms of construction more accessible. She hopes to pursue a career in off-the-grid, self-sustaining housing, and community development.

Hadley Morris Headshot

Kieu Nguyen

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, I grew up around a family of creatives who found passion in what they created or did for others. I wanted to do the same, so I want to build structures all around the world, leaving a piece of me in places that made an impact on people – big or small.

Kieu Nguyen Headshot

Jasmine Nikki

Since growing up in Orange County, California, I have appreciation for spaces that offer positive experiences while catering to everyone’s needs. With a passion in commercial and hospitality design, I hope to design spaces that are exciting to the users while being sustainable and functional.

Jasmine Nikki Headshot

Shelby Norris

My name is Shelby Norris and I’m from Denver, Colorado. My passion for interior design connected with the creative and problem-solving aspects of my personality. I strive to create human centered designs in every project to create more meaningful spaces.

Shelby Norris Headshot

Emma Parkin

My name is Emma Parkin and I am a soon to be graduate from the CIDA-accredited Interior Architecture and Design Program from Colorado State University. I am a visual thinker with an excitement for design and exploration, while seeking opportunity to contribute to the sustainable design community.

Emma Parkin Headshot

Annie Pault

I grew up in Northern Colorado and hope to pursue a future career as a local designer in the area. Throughout my time in the IAD program I have truly found a passion for residential design-build and cannot wait to begin helping my future clients build their dream homes.

Annie Pault Headshot

Katherine Pettet

Katherine is a Colorado native. In high school she found a love for Interior Design. Starting at MSU Denver she then transferred to CSU where she truly found her roots. Though the road to get here has not been easy for her, she is extremely grateful for Colorado State University.

Katherine Pettet Headshot

Makenzie Quick

Born in Wyoming and growing up in Colorado, nature always inspired me. Having a background in ballet, I’ve always been creative and enjoyed demonstrating that in different ways. Design allows me to join my creativity and love of nature to create texture rich spaces that are dynamic and inviting to all users.

Makenzie Quick Headshot

Samantha Redus

Samantha Redus grew up in Houston, Texas with a passion for everything creative. With a wild imagination set on pursuing anything and everything she found her true calling in Interior Architecture. Being able to create a space that embodies both designer and client is like bringing a piece of magic into the world.

Samantha Redus Headshot

Cassandra Richer

I am passionate about using interior spaces to bring humans together and support genuine connection. I hope to use my career to uplift communities while advocating for inclusive and sustainable design. My education has given me the knowledge to use design for the betterment of humans and the surrounding environment.

Cassandra Richer Headshot

Tailor Sanchez

Pursuing a degree in Interior Architecture and Design with a minor in Business Real Estate. As a designer I am passionate about residential design and pursuing my goal of incorporating sustainable design to better the environment. Design encourages me to work hard and apply creative thinking skills in everyday life.

Tailor Sanchez Headshot

Danielle Schell

My name is Danielle Schell and besides soccer and design my passions include traveling. I was fortunate enough to study abroad in Florence, Italy where inspiration grew for my capstone project. In the future, my dream is to continue traveling while working at a mixed-use commercial firm.

Danielle Schell Headshot

Kelsey Shell

Kelsey Shell likes to think of herself as a huge nerd. She also struggles with social anxiety. As such, she wanted her capstone to reflect her theatrical design style as well as a problem she sees too often: The world is designed for extroverts.

Kelsey Shell Headshot

Kaley Slater

My name is Kaley Slater, I’m a soon to be graduate from Colorado State University’s CIDA-accredited interior architecture and design program with a minor in business administration. I have a passion for creating aesthetic and functional spaces prioritizing sustainability, affordability, and improving mental and physical health.

Kaley Slater Headshot

Andrea Smith

As an Interior Architecture and Design graduate, I will follow my passion in healthcare design. My goal is to design holistic spaces that are beautiful and supportive environments for all users. After graduation, I will be pursuing this passion at Davis Partnership Architects in Denver, Colorado.

Andrea Smith Headshot

Ariane Urresti

I am a first-generation college student studying Interior Architecture & Design with a minor in Business Administration. My passion came from my parents and having a need to create a better lifestyle. I want the opportunity to design spaces for people to enjoy and to create a better future worth living.

Ariane Urresti Headshot

Cassidy Varone

I am originally from Lakewood, Colorado. I am graduating with a major in Interior Architecture and Design and a minor in Construction Management. After graduating, I plan to continue my experience as a designer at a commercial furniture company that specializes in workplace design in Denver, Colorado.

Cassidy Varone Headshot

Jenna Vigil

Hi! I’m Jenna Vigil and I am studying Interior Architecture and Design with a minor in Real Estate. My passion for design lies within helping individuals’ well-being in residential and commercial spaces. I love to hike and be outdoors and I incorporate this natural element into all my designs.

Jenna Vigil Headshot

Chenjie Zhu

I’m Chenjie Zhu from Shanghai, China. Currently a senior at Colorado State University and in the Interior and Architecture & Design program. I love to incorporate things from nature into design and make designs have meaningful cultural backgrounds. I’m Interested in both residential and commercial design.

Chenjie Zhu Headshot
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