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Fall 2021 Projects

This virtual show features the Interior Architecture and Design capstone projects. The large-scale 100,000 sq. ft. projects represent research-based design, illustrating students’ competency in designing complex, large-scale interior environments and practicing through varied discussions with attention to contemporary social and cultural issues and paradigms facing the profession.

Coco Palms Cultural & Events Center 

At the Coco Palms Cultural & Event Center, visitors will be able to explore the remains of the oldest resort, tour restored buildings and indulge in history. It will aid in developing a stronger sense of community by honoring the history and culture through creating experiences for exploration, education, and tradition.


Blue Bird Resort 

Blue Bird Resort is an Eco-Resort located in Granby, Colorado and has 33 yurts for accommodation spread out over a 120-acre site. The project has seven overall different zones: incorporating an indoor/outdoor getaway. The project’s aim is to reduce the carbon footprint of tourism within the Rocky Mountains. 


CoActive is a multipurpose facility located in Aurora, Colorado, that caters to a diverse group of people while targeting the aging population. Although a wide range of people use this facility, everyone can participate in physical and mental activities that keep them active and engaged with their health. 

Meraki Creative Community Center 

The Meraki Creative Community Center provides a welcoming space for all to enjoy art. Meraki’s three pillars are create, live, exhibit. They serve as a resource for artists through affordable studios, apartments, and galleries. Reduction to apartment and workspace costs are afforded through participation in after school programs for students. 

Body In Motion; Sports Physical Therapy and Training Facility 

Body In Motion is a play on Newton’s first law of motion. As a Division I college athlete, fitness was a huge part of my life, and unfortunately, so were injuries. This facility provides athletes with an all-encompassing space to train, receive therapy as well as seek nutritional help. 

Arapahoe High School ReDesign  

The redesign of Arapahoe High School reflects a public school that caters to mental health. Special focus has been put towards Biophilia, sensorimotor and enriched environments, capitalizing on the site’s abundance of natural light, and repeating symbols within its design that pay homage to the cultural connection between AHS and Arapaho Nation. 


MIRAGE is an arts education center focused on encouraging collaboration and creativity within the Marion, Iowa residents. It was inspired by the impact visual arts can have on the growth of a community and provides for human health and well-being with creative integration of COVID-19 design and WELL Building practices. 


Pueblo Power Station 

The historic 5&6 Power Plant was transformed into The Pueblo Power Station Community Recreation Center. The Art Deco architecture is celebrated throughout the facility while incorporating modern sustainable elements into each space. This multi-purpose building consists of a four-story gym, aquatic center, arcade, child-care center, greenhouse, classrooms, and full-service restaurant. 

Locus Art Museum and Collective 

Serving as an art museum working in conjunction with an artist collective, Locus seeks to expand the cognitive understanding of art via the celebration of diverse thought. The two work to provide the community with affordable access to the arts, complete with multimedia studios, ample exhibit space, and flexible design. 

St. George Regional Airport 

St. George Regional Airport is located in the southwest corner of Utah and is designed to impact those who fear flying and targets wayfinding issues. This airport expansion includes six gates, a juice bar, a coffee shop, a police station, a minute hotel suite, and more. 

Sugar Beet 

Sugar Beet is a proposal to design an innovative wedding venue. The main goal of the venue is to bring people together to celebrate the ceremony of two people in love. The venue will be built in an existing brewery at the address of 500 Linden St, Fort Collins, CO. 

Bright Initiative 

For my senior capstone projects, I created Bright Initiative, a resource center for women and children experiencing homelessness. Bright Initiative is located in Old Town Fort Collins and provides resources, healthcare, meals and temporary housing for women and children experiencing homelessness in the Northern Colorado area. 

Cross-Cultural Connections Community Center 

The Cross-Cultural Connections Community Center aims to create meaningful connections within an environment that encourages curiosity, discovery, and inclusivity. The main purpose of the community center is to inspire individuals to learn a different language by designing a space that supports conversation and education. 


Tulua Children’s Mental and Behavioral Health Center 

Guided by the dimensions of wellness and healing, Tulua provides a vitalizing environment for children and adolescents to work through complex emotions and situations. Opportunities to interact and reflect are afforded throughout specialized staff, community, and hybrid inpatient zones to create a meaningful, manageable, and restorative experience for all users. 

River Bend School 

Located in Fort Collins, CO, this K-8 school focuses on the importance of introducing young learners to sustainable practices and environmental studies. The goal of the project is to encourage student exploration, experimentation, and discovery by creating an exemplary building that functions sustainably and harmoniously with its natural environment. 

Lux Hotel 

The Lux Hotel is located in Fort Collins, Colorado and is universally designed to be inclusive to people of all abilities, mental health, race, gender, and age. It is welcoming to all with amenities that allow guests to stay in during their vacation or gives them the choice to explore. 

Kirkbride Wellness Resort and Community Center 

The Kirkbride Wellness Resort and Community Center is an adaptive reuse project of the former Athens Lunatic Asylum in Athens Ohio. The project consists of a boutique wellness hotel and a multi-use community center. The design is inspired by the design philosophies of the hospital’s original architect and biophilic design. 

Navy Pier Symphony Center 

The goal of this project is to create a secondary, world-renowned home for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra that represents the uniqueness of the city of Chicago and the significance of the historical Navy Pier. The design is inspired by the pier itself and the swirling, rippling waters that surround it.  

The Zeppelin Station 

The Zeppelin Station, located in Denver, Colorado, had been transitioned from a mixed-use food court and office building into a luxury hostel. This lodging concept merges a hotel aesthetic with dormitory accommodation, innovative communal spaces, and immersive experience. The inspiration is the artistic design process of: Inspiration, Ideation, Creation, and Reflection/Presentation. 


UNITE is a community center and affordable housing complex for people within the LGBT community. The project is a mixed-use/multi-purpose building type (Business and Multifamily housing). This space will help fix many issues LGBT people face today while also helping them get back on their feet and live a happy life. 

Open Door Social Rehab Facility 

The Open Door Social Rehab Facility is a multi-use residential building that provides housing and resources to those who are actively working with a social worker. With emphasis on providing job coaching, case management, and counseling services in an environment that feels luxurious, homely, and above all, safe. 

Memorial Park Family Center 

Memorial Park Family Center is the interaction hub for both veterans and community members. The project aims to harmonize public and private resources, providing services for Colorado Springs’ underserved populations, youth, seniors, and veterans. The goal of this project is to enhance users’ well-being, safety/security, and growth as a community. 

Estes Park Ski Resort & Spa 

The Estes Park Ski Resort & Spa is a place for people of all ages, incomes, and backgrounds to enjoy. Many ski resorts are quite prestigious and inaccessible. This resort, however, will provide everyone with an opportunity to ski with amenities such as luxurious guest suites, restaurants, shops, and a spa. 

The Rookery 

The Rookery is a Hospitality building where individuals can indulge in food and drinks while learning about Ecuadorian culture. Designed around the concept of finding beauty behind cultural differences, the building incorporates an authentic restaurant and bar, food market, exhibit, and cooking classes to shift the mindset of the Hispanic culture. 

Alma Center 

The Alma Resource and Community Center is a space designed to empower and uplift its immigrant and refugee community while giving them a space to create a community with those of shared and contrasting backgrounds. This center provides economic, social, and health resources, through affordable childcare, education, and community connection. 

Oakridge Community Center 

Oakridge Community Center is a multipurpose building intended to provide a safe, functional space that facilitates educational opportunity, community growth and development. Large, easily adaptable spaces allow for a variety of functions, supporting community programs and public engagement. 


Encompass Health 

Encompass Health is a functional medicine health center located on the Front Range of Colorado. The health center’s focus is to provide the chronically ill autoimmune community with holistic, all-encompassing health care. It will also be a space that supports anyone interested in leading a naturally healthy, well-balanced life. 

The Ginny  

The Ginny is a rehabilitation and wellness center for recovering alcoholics located in Denver, Colorado. The purpose of my design was to treat addiction through ending the stigma that exists around addiction, giving the patients a chance to reconnect with society and heal on a mental, physical, and emotional level. 

Refuge Transitional Housing and Community Center 

The Refuge Transitional Housing and Community Center seeks to provide an accessible and affirming space for LGBTQ+ youth at risk of or currently experiencing homelessness. It aims to foster a sense of community and provide resources and support to facilitate a transition towards stability for its users. 

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The Den Community Center 

Located in Washington Park, Chicago, The Den will provide resources that help the community academically, mentally, and physically. Amenities include a marketplace, libraries, retail shops, workspaces, and counseling services. The community center aims to support local businesses while serving as a community hub for self-improvement and social gatherings. 

Kieu Nguyen Rendering of library with curving shelves

The Living Room 

Located in Centennial, Colorado, The Living Room is a food hall that allows its users to immerse themselves in the sights, smells, sounds, and flavors of the cuisines. It creates a third place for the community that supports local small businesses and gives an opportunity to educate and promote sustainability. 

LEGIA Denver Boutique Hotel 

LEGIA is a boutique hotel located in the History Colorado Center in Denver, Colorado. In combination with the museum, the hotel strives to bring culture to those who have limited resources to fully experience it. Designed specifically for busy professionals traveling to Colorado, the spaces within the hotel efficiently facilitate meaningful interactions. 

Central Connections Community Center 

The Central Connections Community Center in Denver Colorado provides creators and explorers in the community or those visiting the area with a wide variety of facilities of workspaces, active spaces, creative rooms, and a rooftop restaurant. This community center reflects the artistic qualities and rich history of the Rino District in Denver. 

The Northern 

The Northern is an all-in-one affordable housing complex located in downtown Fort Collins, CO. This project aims to remodel the existing historical building into a safe, luxurious, and sanctuary-like space for its tenants. The project includes 25 residential units, a gym, a cafe, a retail shop, and an artisan’s space. 

Cancer Center of Denver 

Cancer Center of Denver is a Stem Cell Transplant, Chemotherapy, and Oncology expert facility that offers many services for Cancer patients. These include a physical therapy center, a mental health center, doctor’s offices, medical imagery floor, a full chemotherapy wing and a full stem cell transplant center. 


Saint is a luxury boutique hotel that includes a restaurant, cocktail bar and residential living on the penthouse level. Using an abundance of texture and the juxtaposition of bold lines and organic curves, each space lures guests in and makes them feel a connection with every room and Utah itself. 

Mystery of Sorts 

Located in Golden, Colorado, Mystery of Sorts is a theatrical resort dedicated to bringing baffling experiences to locals and tourists. The hotel’s main attraction is the show of murder mystery, allowing both guests and visitors to collaborate. Many features open to both guests and the public include the restaurant, spa, lounges, and more. 

Bricktown Village 

Located in Detroit, Michigan, Bricktown Village is a multi-use community center focused on sober living and community involvement. This facility invites community members into a sober environment to dismantle the negative stigma surrounding sober living while providing resources available to all users. 

Elevate Hotel & Market Hall 

A multi-purpose facility located in Denver Colorado that includes a social food and market hall, as well as a luxury hotel, this project is focused on the idea of biophilia and incorporating nature into the space to design a sustainable building that encourages healthy living and contributes to individuals’ wellbeing. 

Social Study Space 

The Social Study Space is an academic facility combining the educational functions of a library with the atmosphere of a cafe space. The mix-use building will be an educational hub for all types of learners and workers, meshing individual, partner and group collaboration in order to produce flexible workspaces. 

Valda Renaissance Apartments 

The Valda Renaissance Apartments are a 116,000 SF complex designed by and for nerds with social anxiety. Designed to combat everyday effects of social anxiety, the whimsical complex is a portal to another dimension where users are free to be themselves and to be the hero of their own story. 

The Wellness Center of Colorado Springs 

The Wellness Center of Colorado Springs is designed to embody binding branches, where there is a variety of spaces intertwining through the users in the space. This wellness center promotes job opportunities, community and refuge spaces, affordability, and mental and physical health improvements. 

Pinnacle Center 

Pinnacle Center is a mix-use University Based Senior Retirement (UBSR) facility located on the University of North Carolina campus in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The scope of the work re-purposes an existing dormitory into a space that offers continuum care to residents in addition to support for the outlying community. 

Lumin City 

Lumin City is a restaurant hotel located in Fort Collins, Colorado. It is designed to promote rich interactions between traveling tourists and local residents to build an educational interchange where tourists can learn about their traveled environment and experience their stay from a different perspective using color theory through lighting. 

The Core 

The Core is a wellness resort in Vail, Colorado directed towards individuals who experience anxiety and depression. The Core provides an accessible space where users can feel comfortable treating mental health. The Core provides resources focusing on the mind and body to encourage healthy lifestyles through nutrition, exercise, and self-care. 


UpLiving is a senior living community that is designed to encourage communities to grow while simultaneously allowing seniors to keep a sense of independence, especially those with memory loss. The senior living community will feature numerous rooms to foster relationships such as music rooms, an indoor garden, and game rooms. 

Zen of Water 

This is an office building located in Shanghai, China, redesigned into a hotel. The concept, “Zen of Water” is used to connect to the culture background of Shanghai while illustrating how a busy city should allow the guests to be free from their daily work and life, enjoy the peaceful moment and listen to our own voice. 

Sage Wellness Center

Sage Wellness Center is a natural sensory wellness center that aims to treat those with sensory processing disorders. The innovative use of biophilic elements design a variety of sensory experiences for users. As a multi-purposed facility, the wellness center also aims to treat other disorders and the general public.

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