Emeriti and Retirees and Legacies Project

Emerita/Emeritus Status and Privileges

Emerita/Emeritus appointments may be granted to most eligible academic faculty at retirement. Such appointments are proposed by the relevant department, endorsed by the Dean and Provost and subject to final approval by the Board of Governors. Section E.3.1. in the Faculty Manual details eligibility requirements and then states, "Privileges associated with this appointment are issuance of a permanent faculty identification card; listing on the faculty mailing lists; full library privileges; and, if possible, office or lab/office space and clerical support provided to each emeritus/emerita faculty member who continues to do scholarly work."

These privileges can be important for some. Furthermore, for a number of reasons, Colorado State University encourages every eligible retiree to apply for emeritus status. Since approval can take some months, it is recommended that emeritus applications be initiated about 4 months ahead of the planned retirement date. A moderately detailed summary of career accomplishments and contributions to CSU's mission and programs is expected to justify an emeritus request. So that your transition will go seamlessly: 1) start early, and 2) justify your case well.