College Awards

2010-11 College Awards and Retirees

Friend of the College - Ruth Lytle-Barnaby, Executive Director, Poudre Valley Health System Foundation
Nancy Hartley and Ruth Lytle-Barnaby

We recognize Ruth’s outstanding leadership and vision in building dynamic partnerships between Poudre Valley Health System and our college over the past 12 years. Ruth was quick to recognize the potential for fostering collaborative biomedical research and public health outreach programs between PVH and the Human Performance Clinical/Research Laboratory in Health and Exercise Science. Not only did Ruth guide PVH to become a major donor to the construction of the HPCRL in 1999, but she also served on the Fund Raising Steering Committee for the project. More recently Ruth spearheaded naming the Human Cardiovascular Physiology Lab within the Phase II addition to the HPCRL. She also serves on the HES Capital Campaign Steering Committee. Through her support, PVH has been a gold sponsor for the homecoming race for the past 8 years. A seed grant from the PVH Foundation was instrumental in garnering long term support from the Caring for Colorado Foundation to provide the Heart Disease Prevention Program to the medically underserved in the local community. In addition, Poudre Valley Health System has donated the use of a building to house an outreach center in the School of Social Work. The CORE Center works with families and children in low income populations providing educational programs, tutoring, and advocacy services.

Friend of the College - Vincent “Bo” Bogdanski, Office of Sponsored Programs
Nancy Hartley and Vincent Bogdanski

Bo, a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, has been active in university grants and contracts administration since 1994. He has been at CSU since 2005, currently serving as a Senior Research Administrator. Bo’s outstanding contributions as our college’s Sponsored Programs Team leader for over three years are greatly appreciated. Bo was a person we could always count on for consistent, timely, reliable and accurate information. His knowledge of regulations and procedures ensured the most direct and efficient way to manage a grant. Bo, one of your nominators said, “I can’t count how many times I said call Bo-he’ll know what to do and if he has a role to play, he won’t stop until it’s done. Another nominator said, “Bo spent almost 6-months working tirelessly with the grants office at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center on a large DARPA contract. There were many challenges at the federal and multi-institutional levels, but Bo’s knowledge, expertise and unrelenting persistence paid off in the end with a contract in place valued at more than 1 million dollars per year. To sum it up Bo knows his stuff and gets the job done no matter what it takes!”

Friends of the College - Gary and Carol Ann Hixon
Nancy Hartley and Hixon Children

For over a decade, CSU alumni Gary and Carol Ann Hixon have offered community support in celebrating the creativity of students and faculty in the Department of Design and Merchandising. Whether through attending the annual senior apparel design shows, hosting discussions for interior design students in their home, offering intern experiences in the Fort Collins Art Wear, or participating in opening receptions and lectures for Avenir Museum exhibitions, Gary and Carol Ann share their enthusiasm for the important role that the arts play in the Department and in the College of Health and Human Sciences. They are loyal donors to our College, including supporting the Senior Interior Design Show, the Northern Colorado Interior Design Guild scholarship, and giving from their Kimono Collection to the Avenir Museum of Design and Merchandising. In addition, they support several other programs at the University. We are pleased to recognize and thank Gary and Carol Ann for their dedication to ensuring that creativity is honored and recognized at CSU.

Pictured: Gary and Carol Ann Hixon represented by their daughter Cori Hixon, with her two children, as the Hixons are out of the country.

Outstanding Teacher Award - Molly Eckman, Design and Merchandising
Nancy Hartley and Molly Eckman

Molly is known for her commitment to CSU and her students. She has spent many hours devoted to internationalizing the curriculum and defining the concept of social responsibility for the discipline of textiles and apparel. In her courses, she uses actual case studies from the apparel industry which she has documented through her research. One student writes, “Her calm demeanor and patience, ability to explain even the most difficult of topics, and her skill at putting topics in a real-world context were crucial to my success in the program.”

Outstanding Advisor Award - Linda Kuk, School of Education
Nancy Hartley and Linda Kuk

Linda has high standards when it comes to advising her students, which she combines with caring and passion for student success. She demonstrates a thorough understanding of the advising process and the content knowledge of her discipline. One student writes, “Dr. Kuk demands excellence of herself and also of her students; however, her support is extended in a way that makes success not only possible, but near certain. She continues to be an amazing mentor in my life as I am eager to be the kind of advisor that she has modeled for me.”

Scholarly Excellence Award - Manfred Diehl, Human Development and Family Studies
Nancy Hartley and Manfred Diehl

Manfred has made significant contributions to the areas of personality and social-emotional development in adulthood, everyday problem solving in old age, and awareness of age-related change. His work has been continually funded over the past two decades, with the majority stemming from the highly competitive NIH. His research has been published in top-tier journals in aging, developmental psychology, and personality and social psychology with a high impact factor. One of his recommenders writes, “Manfred’s research and scholarly accomplishments clearly place him at the top of his field, nationally and internationally.”

Superior Faculty Service Award - Dawn Mallette, School of Education
Nancy Hartley and Dawn Mallette

Dawn is a professional who provides valuable service to the School, College, State and national constituents. For close to 20 years, she has served on School and College committees related to governance, scholarships, student recruitment, and searches. At the state and national levels, she is known for her leadership roles in Family and Consumer Sciences professional associations and honorary societies. One recommender wrote, “Colorado State University could not have a more professional and respected representative. She is prepared, personable, and gives much to her field.”

Superior Staff Service Award - Heidi Propp, School of Education and School of Teacher Education and Principal Preparation
Nancy Hartley and Heidi Propp

Heidi serves as the assistant to the directors in the School of Education and STEPP. Remarkably, Heidi is able to act as the office manager and the assistant to the directors in two offices. She took on these duties with no complaint and a “happy to do it” attitude when STEPP was created two years ago. It is exactly this quality that makes working with Heidi such a pleasure. In both roles, her ability to run an office, instruct student workers, and provide top notch customer service creates a welcoming environment. Her professionalism, consistency, judgment, and dedication are the glue that has held the School of Education together.

**NEW** Outstanding Engagement Award - Jennifer Anderson, Food Science and Human Nutrition
Nancy Hartley and Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer has been a faculty member and extension specialist for 30 years developing creative, nationally recognized outreach programs in nutrition education. The state wide Healthy Heart Program is an initiative aimed at improving diets and lowering risk for cardiovascular disease. The Healthy Kitchen is a program to reach low-income Hispanics and migrant farm workers and includes a bilingual interactive multi-media program to deliver nutrition messages. Food Friends is an innovative 12 week interventional campaign to increase children’s willingness to try new foods. Her tireless efforts to make an impact on her community, state, nation, and profession have brought credibility and honor to the University.

Tenure-Track Faculty Teaching Excellence Award - Meena Balgopal, School of Teacher Education and Principal Preparation
Nancy Hartley and Meena Balgopal

Meena teaches Science Methods for students planning to enter the teaching profession in the critical science content area. She truly enjoys helping students and preparing them to be excellent teachers, encouraging them to experiment with different methods while keeping their focus student-centered. She is also an excellent resource for faculty members on campus, working with several scientists in the National Resource Ecology Lab on instructional methods. One student wrote, “Meena helped shape me as a teacher and as a scientist. I would not be teaching today, where and how I am, if it were not for her guidance and inspiration.”

Tenure-Track Faculty Scholarly Excellence Award - Adam Chicco, Health and Exercise Science
Nancy Hartley and Adam Chicco

Since joining the department in 2008, Adam has parlayed an intramural Ag Experiment Station grant and a Scientist Development Grant from the American Heart Association into a large NIH Exploratory Research Grant, all designed to better understand how changes in cardiac fatty acid metabolism contribute to the development and progression of heart disease, and how dietary and pharmaceutical interventions may modulate these processes. He has published a large number of peer-reviewed papers in top-tier physiology journals, including Hypertension, the world’s number one ranked blood pressure journal. His former employer wrote, “CSU is truly fortunate to have such a promising young talent in its faculty ranks.”

Outstanding Senior Award - Mariah Kincaid, Food Science and Human Nutrition
Nancy Hartley and Mariah Kincaid

Mariah is a student in the honors program majoring in nutritional science, where she maintains a 4.0 GPA in a challenging pre-med curriculum. She studied abroad in France, and had an internship in West Africa to help achieve her career goal of working in international medicine. She has a passion for helping people, and has served in many leadership roles. She has been a volunteer for several community organizations as well as serving as president of the Student Health Advisory Council. Department Head Chris Melby wrote, “Mariah is the most outstanding undergraduate student I have been associated with in my entire 27 year career in higher education. She is a warm and caring individual who will make our college proud to have her as an alumnus.”

Retiree - Brian Dunbar, Construction Management
Nancy Hartley and Brian Dunbar

Brian is a professor and director of the Institute for the Built Environment, who began his career in 1982 in interior design. Brian created the graduate emphasis in sustainable building in CM and directs and teaches university and professional courses on sustainable building. Through IBE, an interdisciplinary research institute that engages faculty, students and industry partners in healthy and sustainable building issues, Brian has guided project work and facilitated design scenarios for many private and government entities. He has helped to direct several LEED certified projects and, since 2004, has annually been selected as a national LEED faculty member by the U.S. Green Building Council. Brian is co-author of “147 Tips on Teaching Sustainability” and his sustainable building teaching and research has been recognized by several organizations. Although retiring from his full-time teaching position, Brian plans to remain involved working with students, faculty, and professionals at CSU and around the world specifically on the creation of Green Schools and Living Environments, both major research focus areas of IBE.

Retiree - Mary Littrell, Design and Merchandising
Nancy Hartley and Mary Littrell

Mary has had a long and distinguished career culminating in her position as Department Head which she has held since 2004. As the apparel industry became increasingly globalized in the 1980’s, Mary’s groundbreaking study of fair trade and social responsibility in the apparel industry has inspired the work of scholars who have expanded on this area of inquiry. Her early work culminated in the publication in 1999 of the seminal work in the field, for which she is best known, Social Responsibility in the Global Market: Fair Trade of Cultural Products, published with co-author Marsha Dickson. Mary is one of the top cited researchers in her field and at Iowa State she was named a Mary B. Welch Distinguished Professor among many other awards and honors for her achievements. At CSU, Mary has continued her research, recently publishing another book with Dickson. Hallmarks of her work as department head include starting the DM Executive-in-Residence program, founding an international study tour program for students, and with others, taking faculty and school educators on a Fulbright study to India with a focus on Indian textiles. She has set up a faculty exchange with a University in India, supported the creation of the Avenir Museum of Design and Merchandising in the University Center for the Arts, and mentored students and faculty in their research endeavors.

Retiree - Tim Davies, School of Education
Tim Davies

Tim served as the Director of the School from 2005-2009. He was hired in 1995 to develop a Ph.D. specialization in Community College Leadership and has been the program chair for the past fifteen years. This program is nationally recognized for its excellence. Over the course of his career, he taught doctoral classes and has advised many students who, upon graduation, have assumed leadership positions in community colleges. He was the 2006 recipient of the College of Health and Human Sciences Outstanding Advisor Award and was also a recipient of the Jack E. Cermack Advising Award. Student-centered mentoring is one of the many reasons that he is highly regarded as a teacher and advisor. Dr. Davies is also a past recipient of the College Outstanding Teacher Award and of the N. Preston Instructional Innovation Award– further evidence of the excellence of his contributions to students at CSU.

Retiree - John Littrell, School of Education
Nancy Hartley and John Littrell

John came to Colorado State University in 2004 from Iowa State University. He joined the School of Education, Counseling and Career Development Program faculty becoming the program chair in 2005. He is a known expert in the use of brief counseling strategies, a solution-based form of therapy that builds on people’s strengths and goals. His research and practice led to the publication of several books, one of which was translated into Italian and resulted in John conducting workshops for the Italian Counseling Association in Rome on the subject. He also created professional DVD’s illustrating brief counseling techniques and providing case studies that were dubbed into Italian. In addition to his extensive publication and presentation record about brief counseling, he also writes about the general practice of counseling in educational settings; establishing him as a leader in his field.

Retiree - Ken Allen, Food Science and Human Nutrition
Ken Allen

Ken began at CSU in 1978. Prior to his appointment here, he was a Research biochemist in the Human Nutrition Laboratory at the U.S. Department of Agriculture and a postdoctoral fellow at the University of North Dakota. In the early and middle stages of his career at CSU, his work focused primarily on copper metabolism, and he was one of the first scientists to discover the detrimental effects of copper deficiency on plasma lipids and connective tissue integrity within blood vessels. During recent years, his research has focused on omega-3 fatty acid metabolism, cell signaling, and health. His research was funded primarily by the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He authored more than 70 peer-reviewed papers and was the recipient of a number of research awards including the College Scholarly Excellence Award and the Alumni Association Distinguished Faculty Award. He is considered an excellent teacher at both the graduate and undergraduate levels and is also the recipient of several teaching awards. His retirement will leave a large void in the department and it remains doubtful that a replacement will be found with such a delightful British accent and a passion for debating the controversial issues of biochemistry, nutrition, and human health.

Retiree - Linda Quaratino, Food Science and Human Nutrition
Linda Quaratino

From May of 1996 to August 2010, Linda kept the Food Science and Human Nutrition Extension office organized and running smoothly, ensuring that the needs of Extension Agents, the public and the professionals who contacted the office were met. Her pleasant communication style with everyone who called will be missed. Linda was adept at helping solve problems, ensuring questions were answered and making sure all the Specialists she worked with were on the same page. Her organizational skills were put to full use as she supported the Lillian Fountain Smith Conference for Nutrition Educators. Linda is now enjoying watching the birds in her back garden, reading more books, and spending more time with her family.

Retiree - Lynn Warrick, Food Science and Human Nutrition
Lynn Warrick

Lyn Warrick began her career at Colorado State in October 2000 as the coordinator for the Foods labs, then turned her attention and skills to the FSHN department office supporting the accounting area. In her later years, Lyn provided the accounting and documentation for the Supplemental Nutrition Education program. Her ability to pay attention to meticulous detail in the accounting of both the requested funds from USDA-FNS and the documentation of the required 100 percent in matching funds was demanding, yet Lyn maintained her smile and calm demeanor. Since retiring in January 2011, Lyn is enjoying being able to spend more time playing her viola, tracing more of her genealogy and Norwegian roots, and cheering on the Colorado Eagles!

Retiree - Ray Yang, Human Development and Family Studies
Ray Yang

Ray has been a member of our faculty for 21 years. He joined Human Development and Family Studies as Professor and Department Head in 1989, and served as Head for 10 years. His 40 year career has included posts at the National Institute of Mental Health, the University of Georgia, the University of Hawaii, Northern Illinois University, and the University of Wisconsin. A gifted teacher, Ray has inspired countless students to think and then think some more. He has published some 40 plus peer reviewed articles and chapters, 2 books, and several technical reports. His scholarship has made important contributions to our understanding of infant development, at-risk youth and resiliency, and diversity. A tireless advocate for faculty rights and responsibilities, his career also included a deep commitment to serving and supporting faculty governance. Ray’s warmth, support and always probing, Socratic mind will be greatly missed by the many students and faculty he has inspired.

Retiree - Karen Spencer, Occupational Therapy
Karen Spencer

Karen has been the make-it-happen-visionary behind many of OT’s greatest accomplishments over the past 30 years. Karen was first hired as a lecturer in 1982 while still a community-based practitioner. That passion for bringing together communities and students, academics and real-world impact, never wavered as Karen earned her Ph.D, became an Associate Professor and served as interim OT head. Along the way, Karen founded Transition Services in 1985, now OT’s Center for Community Partnerships; obtained funding to develop OT’s Assistive Technology Resource Center in 1993; and landed a large grant from the Colorado Commission of Higher Education in 2001. The CCHE grant designated OT as a Program of Excellence and supported major programmatic and technological enhancements to benefit OT students and people with disabilities alike. Karen’s extraordinary competence coupled with her rare gift of being able to imagine occupational therapy at its best and to inspire students, faculty and others to make that imagining a reality will be greatly missed.

Retiree - Victor Baez, School of Social Work
Victor Baez

Incredibly, Victor has had a 41 year career which will culminate in his retirement in May. He was one of the first three faculty members to teach social work courses at CSU. At that time, social work was an emphasis of study in Sociology. During his time at CSU, he has been instrumental in the growth of social work from a few classes within the Department of Sociology to becoming the School of Social Work with undergraduate and graduate programs plus an interdisciplinary PhD program. Victor has served as the BSW Program Director for over 10 years, chaired the School’s curriculum committee, and served as a representative to numerous university committees where he has contributed much to university governance. Long-time colleague Vicky Buchan says, “Victor’s wealth of good relationships across campus and his knowledge of the CSU system and institutional history are irreplaceable.” Faculty and students will sorely miss Victor’s wisdom, dedication, sense of humor, and kindness.

Retiree - Bob Seiz, School of Social Work
Nancy Hartley and Bob Seiz

In his 14 years at CSU, Bob has helped strengthen the clinical practice courses offered, leading his colleagues to refer to him as “Doc Bob.” In addition to curricular contributions, he acted as a teacher, advisor, and mentor to countless students over the years. He has served as chair of both the Student Affairs Committee and the School of Social Work Council. Throughout his tenure in the School, Bob has served as lead researcher on several research projects on agricultural safety education and translation. He had a brush with fame when he appeared on Animal Planet reporting on the results of his research on the effectiveness of animal assisted interventions with boys in a regional treatment center. Bob also provided the leadership for annual outcome evaluations of the BSW and MSW program. He is continuing his research with HABIC in Social Work exploring the effectiveness of animal assisted therapy for at risk youth within school settings. Bob’s many contributions will be missed!