College Awards

2011-12 College Awards and Retirees

Friend of the College - Bob Bacon, State Senator
Bob Bacon

Bob has been a dedicated friend of the college for more than 20 years. As a member of the Poudre School District school board, he supported quality education initiatives, partnerships with the School of Education and the College, and was supportive of the establishment of the Research and Development Center for the Advancement of Student Learning. Partnership schools were created when he was a school board member. These partnerships have received national recognition for their outstanding preparation of students getting ready to become teachers. During this time, he became a member of the College of Health and Human Sciences External Advisory Committee providing outstanding counsel and support to the College and University.

While in the State House of Representatives and the Senate, Bob continued to support and involve members of the College in discussions of key initiatives including education, childcare, and healthcare. He is truly a “connector”; his ability to bring people together to dialogue and discuss policy issues has resulted in the passage of key initiatives in Colorado. We thank him for his leadership, vision, and tireless energy supporting education through the tumultuous times of the late ‘90s and early 2000s. This dedication to educational pursuits can be seen in our community as well - Bacon Elementary School was named in his honor. Bob continues to be involved in early childhood initiatives and still finds time to volunteer reading to children in local elementary schools.

Friend of the College - Steve Hultin, Director of CSU Facilities Management
Steve Hultin

Steve is a 25 year veteran of facilities management who was recently named the permanent director. No issue is more challenging than space – having enough, having the right kind, and having it maintained well. We rely on this enormously to do our work. We are recognizing Steve because of our gratitude for all he has done to support expanded and enhanced spaces in the College.

Steve has supported the Early Childhood Center project, the pre-construction center, the upcoming renovations in Occupational Therapy, and others. We are especially appreciative of his openness, support, and transparency. Facilities management is a huge team, so this recognition is for his inspirational leadership in supporting all the different ways in which we interact with facilities management – from renovation, to custodial service, to new ideas, and forming working partnerships. Steve earned two degrees from CSU, and in addition to the many contributions to our College, he has also been an adjunct instructor in CSU’s Construction Management program.

Friend of the College - Wanda Mayberry, emeritus professor, Occupational Therapy
Wanda Mayberry

Wanda Mayberry, an OT graduate, was a professor in the Department for 26 years before her retirement in 2000. When Wanda first came to CSU in 1973, she was instrumental in starting the master’s program in OT, which had previously been a bachelor’s only program. During her career at CSU, Wanda taught, advised, and mentored students; developed courses and curricula; and served as acting department head. She was also very active in OT professional associations during her career. She provided service at the College level, and was a beloved teacher and mentor to students. She has graciously acted as a mentor to faculty in the OT department throughout the years since her retirement.

Upon Wanda’s retirement, the Wanda Mayberry Scholarship was established by friends and colleagues to pay tribute to her outstanding career. The endowment provides much-needed funding to an OT student on an annual basis. Wanda has been a generous donor to the scholarship as well. She has also provided support to the OT department in many ways, including helping students attend the annual meeting of the American Occupational Therapy Association, and serving on a fundraising committee to inspire others to get involved. Wanda has also shared that she plans to support the OT department with an estate gift. Since retirement, Wanda has stayed active as a volunteer in her neighborhood elementary school, the senior center, and the League of Women Voters.

Outstanding Teacher Award - Ajoy Sarkar, Design and Merchandising
Ajoy Sarkar

Ajoy is a textile scientist who teaches undergraduate and graduate level courses across all three programs in the Department. He provides students with current industry standards and testing procedures, strengthens their ability to conduct testing and analysis of textiles, and provides experiences that bring the application of textile technology to design. A grant was awarded to Ajoy by The Institute of Learning and Teaching to modernize the introductory undergraduate textiles course for a diverse technologically-literate student population. Ajoy now teaches the course in an interactive studio and computer lab setting instead of the traditional classroom lecture, followed by a hands-on laboratory experience. One of his colleagues wrote, “With regard to teaching, when Dr. Sarkar’s name is mentioned there are several words that instantly come to mind: dedicated, intelligent, kind, and respected by his students.”

Outstanding Advisor Award - Kendra Allen, Design and Merchandising
Kendra Allen

Kendra has played a key role over the past ten years, and in particular since her appointment as coordinator for advising in 2006. Kendra approaches advising as an opportunity to connect with students and help them identify their unique passions and skills, and align these with appropriate academic and extracurricular options and career paths. In addition, Kendra’s deep knowledge of the complexities within her department, and broad familiarity with services, activities, and resources on the CSU campus serve her advisees well. She makes connections within and beyond her department to support students on their individual paths toward graduation and career choices. One student sums up Kendra’s caring attitude: “I believe that the ability to make a student feel special is truly an exceptional quality for an advisor to have. Kendra takes that extra time to get to know her students and guide them in the direction that best suits them. I now owe all my future successes and adventures at CSU to Kendra Allen.”

Scholarly Excellence Award - Diane Sparks, Design and Merchandising
Diane Sparks

Diane’s creative scholarship has received international recognition with her acceptance into 56 juried exhibitions over the past 18 years. During that time she has garnered an amazing fifteen awards, including winning the highly regarded Best of Show Award four times at the International Textile and Apparel Association conference. Diane’s exhibition entries are among the highest rated with acceptance rates of 25-35% by acclaimed jurors. She is best known for her study, refinement, and application of techniques first introduced by the Italian designer Fortuny (For-toony), along with Asian traditional surface design techniques. She is able to integrate creative work with a strong foundation in published scholarship on the design process. One external colleague writes, “Dr. Sparks is a master at her craft. She has set the precedent for a model of design excellence that many design faculty strive to achieve. Her research articles on the topics of design aesthetics and shibori-pleating techniques are widely read and are frequently used as teaching tools today. She has made significant contributions in the global field to textiles and clothing."

Superior Faculty Service Award - Tracy Nelson, Health and Exercise Science
Tracy Nelson

Tracy has been dedicated to service over the last twelve years in numerous capacities. Most recently, she was named associate director of the Colorado School of Public Health based on her extensive service to the School over the last six years. Tracy contributed significantly to the development of the School at CSU and continues to be involved in its growth. She has been a member of the Executive Committee since 2006 where she advocated for Health and Exercise Science to have a focus area. She also served as Vice Chair of the Admissions Committee from the School’s inception until 2009. She is currently on the Faculty Council as well as numerous other committees within the School, including mentoring students in the Health and Exercise Science focus area. In the community, Tracy has been on the Steering Committee for the Coalition for Activity and Nutrition to Defeat Obesity since it began in 2004. Nationally, Tracy has served on multiple grant review teams for the NIH and the American Heart Association as well as consistently reviewing manuscripts from more than 20 peer-reviewed journals.

Superior Staff Service Award - Robin Noehl, Health and Exercise Science
Robin Noehl

Robin joined the Department in 2001, but she has been part of the CSU community for many years. During the past ten years, Robin has been an integral part of the operations of the department. She performs many critical tasks that help the department run smoothly, making a consistent and unwavering commitment to the faculty, staff and students. Among other things, Robin organizes and manages the front desk, coordinates departmental events, maintains the classrooms, including scheduling and equipment needs, provides excellent customer support, and is a vital member of the Homecoming Race Committee. As one faculty member asked “What doesn’t Robin do?” Our College is fortunate to have someone as dedicated as Robin. She wears many hats but manages to keep things running efficiently, and she always makes time to answer a question, fix a projector, or provide advice to a student. One member of the department wrote, "Robin is, without a doubt, in integral part of the bedrock foundation of this Department. Without her, our structure would be precarious at best."

Outstanding Engagement Award - Cathy Schelly, Director, Center for Community Partnerships, Occupational Therapy
Cathy Schelly

Since 1985, the Center for Community Partnerships has been providing programs of community outreach and engagement to individuals with disabilities. Cathy Schelly, CCP’s director, has led efforts to secure grant awards totaling more than 10 million dollars to serve youth with disabilities, college students and community members who have experienced traumatic brain injuries, veterans who have sustained life altering injuries, and students with autism spectrum disorders. CCP’s numerous programs and long list of community partners are a testament to their mission of supporting the inherent dignity, potential, and full participation of all people. Among other projects assisting those with disabilities, CCP creates inclusive classroom instruction and accessible course materials for students; provides services that allow citizens with a wide range of disabilities to live independently; assists injured veterans as they re-engage with school, home, and work; guide youth as they transition from high school to independent living; and support employees in adaptive workplace settings, all while providing training opportunities for OT students. One community partner writes, “I can’t think of another department at CSU, or anywhere for that matter, that is more deserving of recognition than CCP. Their service to the community, their deep commitment, and their willingness to reach out to build and maintain partnerships is unsurpassed.”

Tenure-Track Faculty Teaching Excellence Award - Barb Hooper, Occupational Therapy
Barb Hooper

As director of the Center for Occupational Therapy Education, Barb has a solid background in teaching and learning theories. She works to apply those theories to create courses that challenge students to dig deeply into their learning experiences. Within a year of Barb’s arrival, the OT faculty decided to develop new Master’s and Ph.D. curricula. Barb helped direct the curriculum development process, bringing her vast knowledge about excellence in graduate education in occupational therapy. Barb’s teaching is showcased in four ways: at the Center for Occupational Therapy annual teaching and learning institute which draws faculty from throughout the U.S.; as an informal teaching mentor to CSU faculty members; as a teaching mentor to new faculty through the Institute of Teaching and Learning, and finally as an inspiring teacher of OT graduate students. One OT student writes, “By stepping into one of Dr. Hooper’s lectures, one will instantly see that she invests a lot of time and emotional energy into her lesson plans, and she derives a lot of personal meaning and purpose from being a college professor. Each student leaves her class with a deeper understanding of the material, the knowledge to prosper as a future therapist, and the passion to truly impact someone’s life.”

Tenure-Track Faculty Scholarly Excellence Award - Erika Lunkenheimer, Human Development and Family Studies
Erika Lunkenheimer

Erika is an outstanding early career scholar on the road to a highly productive career. She is the recipient of a coveted early career award from NIH. In fact, the K-award she received is the first received by someone in the HDFS department. Not only was her NIH grant application funded, but it received a very rare perfect score from the review panel. Erika’s grant is for a study involving 200 families with young children. Her research team will examine biological, emotional, and behavioral response patterns between parents and children as they solve problems and work out solutions. A better understanding of these patterns will help determine whether behaviors of families at risk for abuse or neglect can be predicted. The process includes cutting-edge behavioral and biological methods designed to reveal stress in the interaction. The second-by-second analysis of these relationship patterns is a novel approach to child abuse research. In addition to her grant success, Erika has published in three of the top journals in the field. She has included her doctoral students in her last five papers, and is known among students as a highly supportive and engaged mentor. One external recommender writes, “The field needs dedicated scientists like Erika. She combines commitment to science that addresses children's mental health with intellectual sophistication, tenacity, innovation, and a willingness to tackle the complex nature of family interaction. Clearly, Erika is on track to make significant contributions.”

Outstanding Senior Award - Audrey Murray, Design and Merchandising
Audrey Murray

Audrey Murray is an interior design major with a French minor, who has maintained a 3.8 GPA while working on campus, getting involved in professional organizations, and submitting award-winning designs to national competitions. She is a member of the Design and Merchandising Leadership Team, the local chapters of interior design professional associations, and Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. Audrey placed first in a statewide fashion show last fall with a garment designed from interior design items, in this case carpet fibers and crystal beads. She helped conceive, execute, and model this design on the runway. She was also awarded second place in the Open Design competition of the Industry Connections Competition last spring. Audrey is interested in incorporating social aspects of interior design that affect healing of patients in hospitals and mental health facilities. She has shared her skills and passion through service learning with The Matthews House, a local non-profit that supports at-risk youth. Her work helped enhance the learning environment for these young people. Audrey has excelled academically, provided significant leadership, and offered professional service to the community.

Retiree - Jennifer Anderson, Food Science and Human Nutrition
Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer began her career at Colorado State University in 1977 as the half-time Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program coordinator. Independently she began developing the Healthy Heart Program because of her interest in programs that could affect behavior change. She began her faculty and Extension specialist position in nutrition and health in 1980, charged with establishing community nutrition programs and conducting research in that area. The resulting programs have addressed health promotion and disease prevention for children of all ages, pregnant women, the elderly, urban and rural dwellers, Hispanics, and those with low incomes. She directed the Food Stamp Nutrition Education program in Colorado for ten years, developing bilingual programs for migrant farm workers and food stamp recipients. Jennifer has employed various creative avenues to deliver nutrition education and change dietary behavior— through supermarkets, restaurants, grandmothers, touch-screen computers, and the internet. She takes pride in the thirteen former Ph.D. students who are now faculty members in universities from Guam to Brazil and across the U.S., as well as the multitude of M.S. students now enjoying successful careers in their professions. Her research over the last decade with preschoolers has led to two “Food Friends” programs which have been implemented in preschools across the state of Colorado with the support of the Colorado Health Foundation. Through her start-up company, Food Friends Inc., she is working to extend the reach of those programs. They have expanded to 13 states and in Colorado alone they have reached nearly 40,000 children and families. She has won numerous awards, among them the Cermak Advising Award, the CSU Alumni Association’s Distinguished Extension Award, and the College of Health and Human Sciences Outstanding Engagement Award. Clearly, Jennifer has made a difference in the lives of many.

Retiree - Linda Carlson, Design and Merchandising
Linda Carlson

After completing her master’s in the department, Linda served as curator of the textile and costume collection, as well as a lecturer. In 1988, the collection, housed in a small space in Gifford, contained about 6,000 objects. Testament to Linda’s extraordinary dedication, the collection is now part of the Avenir Museum of Design and Merchandising including a gallery space in the University Center for the Arts, with more than 13,000 items held in state-of-the-art climate controlled storage. Linda’s ability to form special relationships with individuals who have a passion for preserving textiles has led to countless generous gifts from donors: whether it be heirloom objects from their personal family history, gifts of time volunteering to catalogue and preserve objects, or monetary support. Linda has been able to garner many grants from funding agencies over the years that have recognized the value of what the museum offers, including a large gift from the Avenir Foundation leading to the naming of the Museum. Linda treasures her experiences including working with icons such as our own Jack Curfman, as well as Mr. Blackwell with whom she formed a personal friendship. This relationship culminated with the Mr. Blackwell Retrospective that was held in 2010, an exhibit of Mr. Blackwell’s most famous garments from the collection. As a teacher, Linda has always loved the opportunity to challenge students to recognize and appreciate the history of textiles and costume, among her favorite quotes is one from Mark Twain, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have very little influence on society.”

Retiree - Bob Gotshall, Health and Exercise Science
Bob Gotshall

Bob retired at the end of the Fall semester after 20 years at CSU. Bob’s research and mentoring for most of his total career of 38 years were in the area of cardio pulmonary physiology. In recent years, he has examined dietary and other interventions to reduce the severity of exercise-induced asthma. For 13 years, he also served the Department with distinction as the graduate program director and was a critical part of the team that developed the Ph.D. program. He has held numerous and varied service roles at the College and University levels as well during his tenure. Bob won both the College Scholarly Excellence Award and College Superior Service Award, and was recognized with the highest faculty service award given by CSU, the Oliver P. Pennock Distinguished Service Award. In Bob’s honor, Sean and Rebecca Shelly of the Elf Foundation endowed a scholarship in his name. The Robert W. Gotshall Graduate Scholarship supports a current graduate student who would like to continue on in the department and earn a Ph.D. in human bioenergetics. Bob sees this scholarship as critical, because graduate students often have limited access to financial aid. Heis also a generous donor to the scholarship.

Retiree - Brad Sheafor, Social Work
Brad Sheafor

When Brad came to Colorado State University in 1974, he served as director of the fledgling Division of Social Work. Over the next 38 years of his notable career, he has held numerous leadership positions, while having a large impact on the field nationally, and helping to grow social work from a program in the sociology department into the successful School of Social Work it is today. Brad’s service to the College includes his role as interim dean in 1986, responsible for uniting the College of Professional Studies and the College of Human Resource Sciences into a cohesive unit with disciplines focused on improving the human condition. His textbook, Social Work: A Profession of Many Faces, remarkably is in its twelfth edition. His other three textbooks have earned him national and international accolades. Brad’s contributions have been recognized with many distinctions; among them are the College of Health and Human Sciences’ Outstanding Teacher and Superior Service Awards, the University’s Pennock Distinguished Service Award, and the CSU Alumni Association’s Distinguished Professor Award. He also received the Council on Social Work Education’s Lifetime Achievement in Social Work Education Award. In 2011 Brad was designated a “Social Work Pioneer” by the National Association of Social Workers. The School of Social Work is pleased to establish the Brad Sheafor Lecture Series in Social Work in honor of Brad and his enormous contribution to the profession. Brad has made a generous gift to the lecture series, and many of colleagues and former students whose lives he has touched are also supporting the series.

Retiree - Ken Smith, Food Science and Human Nutrition
Ken Smith

Ken is retiring after 20 years of service, ten of which he served as the coordinator for the restaurant and resort management program, now called hospitality management. Ken is the person most responsible for developing this very successful undergraduate program in the Department. Ken brought substantial experiential knowledge to the program, in both culinary arts and business management, having worked for many years in commercial food service and restaurant management prior to coming to CSU. One of Ken’s major accomplishments during his tenure at CSU is his leadership in establishing the Aspen Grille in the Lory Student Center as a service-learning venue for students to learn all aspects of restaurant management. Ken secured the space and obtained the funds for the Grille through a partnership with the Division of Student Affairs, and supervised his students in developing menus and establishing relationships with a variety of local food providers. The Aspen Grille is a highly successful eating establishment, which has won numerous local, regional, and national awards for its commitment to environmental sustainability and use of locally grown foods. Ken also excels in the classroom, drawing on the breadth and depth of his knowledge in the hospitality industry to engage his students. He will be difficult to replace and his students and colleagues will miss him.

Retiree - Joan Trussell, Dean’s Office
Joan Trussell

Joan Trussell, development and scholarship coordinator for the College for the past several years, retired in February after 19 years working in the Dean’s Office and 24 years at Colorado State. Joan is beloved by all who worked with her – faculty, donors, retirees, and students. Her laughter is contagious, and she has contributed a positive attitude and team work ethic throughout her career. She has been stalwart through many challenges, such as the 1997 flood, and has celebrated with the College through many milestones, such as the 100th anniversary of Home Economics in 1993. Joan carries many special memories from over the years, and can always be counted on as our institutional memory. It is an understatement to describe Joan as a huge sports fan. As a passionate Rams fan and longtime season ticket holder, she is often the one cheering the loudest in the stands at Hughes Stadium and Moby Arena. We thank and acknowledge Joan for her loyalty and dedication to the College for so many years. She will be missed. But we’ll always know where to find her – rooting for her beloved Rams as loudly as ever!