College Awards

2014-15 College Awards and Retirees

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Congratulations 2014-15 Awardees!

  • Outstanding Teacher

    Raoul Reiser, Department of Health and Exercise Science

    The Outstanding Teacher Award honors an excellent teacher who exhibits superior and sustained performance in teaching that impacts student learning. Reiser is an associate professor who earned his Ph.D. from Colorado State in 2000 and has been with the Department of Health and Exercise Science since 2002. Raoul excels at presenting challenging concepts in a manner that is easily understandable by the students. Comments from his students included: "Dr. Reiser is awesome; this was my favorite college class; he has a great sense of humor; I love the way the course was laid out; I wish all my professors could be like him -- give him a raise!" Reiser was also recognized with one of this year's Alumni Association Best Teacher Awards.

  • Outstanding Adviser

    Leann Kaiser, School of Education

    The Outstanding Adviser Award recognizes a faculty member or administrative professional staff member, who excels in undergraduate or graduate student advising and mentoring. Kaiser joined the school in 2008 as an adjunct faculty member and then as an assistant professor in 2011. She has advised students in the Master's in Adult Education and Training program for the last five years. Her passion for helping learners identify their goals and succeed goes beyond the average student-adviser relationship. Her students shared: "She is the reason I chose this program! She has earned my trust and admiration. It was reassuring to know she was just a phone call away, especially as a distance student who could not interact in a traditional face-to-face manner. The most important thing was I knew she CARED."

  • Superior Faculty Service

    Tiffany Lipsey, Department of Health and Exercise Science

    The Superior Faculty Service Award, is given to a faculty member who has made significant service contributions to the College, University, profession, or other off-campus organizations. Since 2001, Lipsey has provided superior service to the Fort Collins and greater Colorado community. As assistant director of the Human Performance Clinical/Research Lab, Lipsey oversees all aspects of the Heart Disease Prevention program, helping community members, fire departments and other emergency professionals to identify and address risk factors for cardiovascular disease. One nominator said: "In my opinion, Tiffany is changing, and perhaps saving, lives and attitudes relative to health and fitness in the Fire Service. She's our hero!"

  • Superior Staff Service

    Linda McDowell, Department of Occupational Therapy

    The next award, the Superior Staff Service Award is given to a staff member with five or more years of experience in the College who demonstrates outstanding achievement in performing his or her responsibilities. McDowell has served OT for more than 22 years, and wears many hats: admissions coordinator, adviser, office manager, marketing coordinator, building proctor, and as one nominator noted, "everything to everyone." Her nomination was submitted on behalf of the department, including students, who said: "Linda McDowell stands out as an irreplaceable member of the OT Department at CSU. She's got to be one of the busiest people, but she always has time for a pep talk and chat. McDowell is a team player, taking on added responsibilities, working overtime to complete time-sensitive tasks, and does it all with a smile and a kind word."

  • Outstanding Engagement Award

    Khristy Preston, Department of Construction Management

    The Outstanding Engagement Award is given to a faculty member, administrative professional, or a program team with five or more years of experience in the College who exemplifies the land-grant mission of developing and promoting partnerships and collaborations between campus and external partners for the benefit of the community. As the CM Cares coordinator, Preston has supported CSU's land grant mission by facilitating partnerships aligning industry donors, community organizations, and students to complete 16 projects benefiting non-profit organizations, older adults, and families with children with disabilities. Her leadership and passion to make a difference are bringing local and national recognition to CM Cares for its innovative service-learning and community engagement.

  • Tenure Track Faculty Teaching Excellence

    Karen Atler, Department of Occupational Therapy

    The Tenure-Track Faculty Teaching Excellence Award recognizes a faculty member, who is not yet tenured, for outstanding contributions in teaching such as creative instructional approaches, innovative use of technology in the classroom, or creation of service learning opportunities, as well as positive student feedback. Atler was appointed as a tenure-track assistant professor in 2012, after serving in OT for many years as a special appointment faculty member. Students give her high marks on teaching evaluations, a reflection of her high expectations and commitment to student success and learning outcomes. One student noted that her approach "prevents the challenges she sets from being overwhelming and instead makes them empowering." The respect she has of her peers is evident as Atler is always recommended to step in to teach a course when another faculty member is planning a sabbatical or leave.

  • Tenure Track Faculty Scholarly Excellence

    Michelle Foster, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition

    The Tenure-Track Faculty Scholarly Excellence Award recognizes a faculty member, who is not yet tenured, for outstanding contributions in original and theoretical research, creative works, or other forms of scholarly endeavor. Foster is in her 4th year as an assistant professor and has established a national reputation for her work related to the role of adipose tissue in metabolic diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. Her high-quality research has been published in top journals, and her work is cited often by others. Her reputation as an outstanding researcher is reflected in her membership on the Editorial Board for the journal Adipocyte and her invitation to be part of an NIH Grant Review Panel. Her record with respect to both publications and successful grant funding places her at the top of the list of assistant professors nationwide.

  • Outstanding Senior

    Sarah Esparza, Department of Design and Merchandising

    The Outstanding Senior Award recognizes a CHHS graduating senior for outstanding performance including academic achievement, leadership, research, service, or creative endeavors. Esparza is an exceptional undergraduate student with a thirst for learning and discovery. A member of the University Honors Program, she has a 3.8 GPA, with a challenging academic load in her major in apparel and merchandising, and minors in Spanish and Business Administration. Esparza also spent a summer studying at Regent's University in London. She serves on the Design and Merchandising Leadership Team and is a CSU Admissions Ambassador, helping students feel welcome at CSU. As president of the Fashion Group International student chapter, she also coordinated the Recycled Fashion Show for the past three years.

Friends of the College

The Friend of the College Award acknowledges individuals and entities across the University and community who play an important role in the success and operations of our College.

  • David Wood, President and Chairman of the Board, Griffin Foundation

    In his role as Board Chairman and President of the Griffin Foundation, David Wood has been a wonderful ambassador for several College building projects, helping to secure generous philanthropic gifts. The Griffin Foundation was an important sponsor of the Phase I building of the Human Performance Clinical Research Laboratory in 2000, and supported its expansion a decade later. Wood was also instrumental in securing a generous gift to name the Griffin Foundation Community Room in the Early Childhood Center in the historic Washington School on Shields, where he himself attended school as a youngster. More broadly at CSU, the Griffin Foundation has contributed more than 6 million dollars to numerous colleges and programs on campus, and David serves on the board of the CSU Foundation. Wood has embraced the mission of our College, and is excited about future endeavors aligning the Griffin Foundation's mission of supporting higher education and healthcare on the CSU campus.

  • Darrell Eastwood, Chief Operating Officer, Saunders Construction

    Eastwood is a 1974 Construction Management alumnus and has been an industry recruiter of CM students for many years. Eastwood served as the Chair of the CM Professional Advisory Development Board during a time when the department faced challenges including accreditation renewal, setting an enrollment cap, hiring faculty and placing interns in a shrinking economy. His leadership on the Board was instrumental in addressing these challenges. Eastwood noted, "The construction industry depends on the quality of the education and students produced by the CM Department, and the department depends on the industry to recruit and hire the well-trained CM graduates that are future leaders of the industry"

  • Office of General Counsel, Colorado State University, represented by Jason Johnson, Deputy General Counsel, and Jannine Mohr, Senior Associate Legal Counsel

    The Office of General Counsel supports the college in numerous ways. They have worked with us to develop a college-wide standard affiliation agreement for students to participate in clinical or internship education experiences. They also review and approve all non-standard agreement contracts that are submitted from outside agencies. They have further assisted the college with a wide variety of student issues, risk management, regulatory compliance, litigation matters, and issues related to intellectual property.