College Awards

2016-17 College Awards

Congratulations 2016-17 Awardees!

On April 11, the College of Health and Human Sciences recognized faculty and staff members who exhibit exemplary performance. The college also recognizes an outstanding senior and an outstanding graduate student. In addition, the College gives awards to a few special people who we call our "Friends of the College."

Award winners are pictured with Dean Jeff McCubbin.


Outstanding Teacher

The Outstanding Teacher Award honors an excellent teacher who exhibits superior and sustained performance in teaching that impacts student learning.

Ashley Harvey, Department of Human Development and Family Studies

Ashley has had an enormous positive influence on thousands of students while teaching nearly all of the undergraduate curriculum in the department over the past decade. She is gifted at structuring her courses to promote critical learning objectives and mastery of content, while at the same time thoroughly engaging students. Her contributions to the teaching and service areas of the academic mission have been exceptional and over the years have raised the bar for everyone in the department. She teaches at both the undergraduate and graduate level, and receives laudatory reviews from students at both levels.

These student course evaluations are well deserved and are among the very highest in the department. One nominator wrote, "Ashley has a rare combination of pedagogical skill, ability to engage students in lectures and coursework, and a seemingly endless capacity for compassion and caring."

One student wrote: "Dr. Harvey was kind, caring, and funny… through her teaching, she brought to my attention a different passion in my heart – people. I want to acknowledge my gratitude to Dr. Harvey. She made a huge difference in my life."


Outstanding Adviser

The Outstanding Adviser Award recognizes a faculty member or administrative professional staff member, who excels in undergraduate or graduate student advising and mentoring.

Terry Yan, Department of Design and Merchandising

Terry has been a faculty member for over a decade and has advised more than 400 undergraduate students and multiple graduate students. Her goal is to provide students with an empowering, encouraging, and enriching experience while at CSU. With her kind and caring nature, Terry takes the time to learn about her students' goals and aspirations and help them navigate their program of study, as well as internships and other learning opportunities. She also served as the Fashion Group International faculty adviser for nine years and is known for being helpful and supportive with engaging the members of the club.

One student wrote: "As the new, slightly naïve, and completely lost, president of Fashion Group, I was never as grateful as when I realized how much Dr. Yan cared. I believe that the best advisers are those who can push you to do things on your own but make you feel like you are not alone – and Dr. Yan is one of these advisers."

Another student wrote: "I believe that I owe much of my success as a graduate student to Dr. Yan’s unparalleled advising, teaching, and research ability. She always encouraged me and challenged me to succeed. This was not just for me, she really cares about all of her students. Dr. Yan is an invaluable asset in the field of apparel and textiles."


Scholarly Excellence Award

The Scholarly Excellence Award is given to a faculty member whose scholarly work has positively impacted his or her discipline during that person's career.

Chris Melby, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition

Chris has been a faculty member since 1990. Over his 26-year career at CSU, Chris has accumulated a body of scholarly work that has had a major impact on the field of nutrition. He has an outstanding publication record and has served as PI or Co-PI on 38 grants totaling $3.9 million. He is also generous with his time, mentoring both graduate and undergraduate students.

Chris's research has focused on clinical studies aimed at understanding how interactions between exercise and nutrition influence energy metabolism and body weight regulation. A major focus of these efforts was on traditionally underrepresented populations. The results have been able to identify risk factors for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity in Hispanic and African American populations impacting our understanding of health disparities and how to treat them.

His nominators wrote, "Chris has really pioneered the notion that health disparities are, in part, governed by fundamental biologic, cultural, and sociological differences among ethnic populations." And "Chris has sustained an impressive record of scholarship and has published his work in the best journals in the field of nutrition and exercise science. He is held in the highest regard by his colleagues for the important impact of his work on fundamentals and growth of his field."


Superior Faculty Service

The Superior Faculty Service Award is given to a faculty member who has made significant service contributions to the College, University, profession, or other off-campus organization.

Garry Auld, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition

Garry has been a faculty member since 1989 and has been continuously engaged in outstanding service at the departmental, college, and University levels, as well as serving community and national organizations. He currently serves as chair of the department Graduate Committee. The department receives more than 100 applications for graduate admissions each year which reflects Garry's efforts to attract a diverse pool of applicants.

One nominator wrote: "Through Garry's leadership, our graduate application process is transparent to both the applicants and faculty. He has worked with the Graduate Committee to improve the application review process. It is clear to me that he is thoughtful, engaged, and committed."

In addition, Garry has made a number of service contributions to the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program, known as EFNEP. He is one of the founders of a multi-state research group charged with developing and testing new evaluation tools for the EFNEP program. Garry was honored by the USDA with an award for his strong leadership in ensuring the project's success.

One nominator wrote, "I can say with great confidence, delivering this new evaluation tool would not have been possible without Dr. Auld's leadership and mentoring of less experienced researchers. His evaluation expertise, as well as facilitating the structure and functions of the group, has been critical to the project's success."


Superior Staff Service

The Superior Staff Service Award, is given to a staff member who demonstrates outstanding achievement in performing his or her responsibilities.

Anna Fontana, Department of Construction Management

Anna earned her degree in Construction Management in 1997 and joined the department in 2007 working in the Phelps Placement Office as the internship coordinator for the department. She has teaching responsibilities for the CM Pre-internship and Internship courses, as well as managing the department interview process for interns and permanent placements. In addition, she recruits industry members to engage in the internship program. She currently serves as the co-chair of the department recruitment and retention committee.

As a leader of the committee, Anna’s duties include coordination of prospective student visit days and the CM Open House, facilitating outreach events and participation with community colleges, middle and high schools, as well as coordinating the design and distribution of prospective student marketing materials. Students often express how she makes a difference in their lives.

One nominator wrote: "I'm privileged to work alongside Anna witnessing daily her commitment and passion to impact the lives of students. Anna truly cares about students and exudes this energy in everything she does."

Another nominator wrote: "Anna is a great citizen of higher education and CSU. She embodies the personality, the passion, and the character of an exceptional educator."


Outstanding Engagement Award

The Outstanding Engagement Award is given to a faculty member, administrative professional, or a program team who exemplifies the land-grant mission of developing and promoting partnerships and collaborations between campus and external partners for the benefit of the community.

Elisa Shackelton, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition

Elisa, a graduate of the department, has worked as an Extension Specialist since 2011 but her career in Extension and outreach dates back to 1995. She works with the department’s Food Safety Extension Team, oversees programming for the Lillian Fountain Smith Nutrition Conference, and is the adviser to the Food and Nutrition Student Club. Elisa’s current focus is web-based outreach and education on food safety and healthy lifestyles using CSU Extension websites Colorado Farm to Table and Live Eat Play Colorado, which she helped develop and currently maintains.

Elisa is also considered to be a regional expert in social media best practices. She has presented several talks on the topic to Extension staff, and she was recognized with several national and regional extension food safety team awards. She is a consummate team player and committed to efforts to improve outreach and engagement. As coordinator of the Lillian Fountain Nutrition Conference, Elisa helps plan the program, organizes all of the activities, and manages all of the outreach and marketing for the conference, which is a success in large part due to her efforts.

One nominator wrote: "Elisa is a true leader when it comes to promoting partnerships and collaboration between Colorado State University and external partners."


Tenure Track Faculty Teaching Excellence

The Tenure-Track Faculty Teaching Excellence Award recognizes a faculty member, who is not yet tenured, for outstanding contributions in teaching such as creative instructional approaches, innovative use of technology in the classroom, or creation of service-learning opportunities, as well as positive student feedback.

Laura Malinin, Department of Design and Merchandising

Laura brings to CSU building and interior design expertise from years as an architect, as well as graduate study in learning and cognitive sciences. In her teaching, she emphasizes design principles supporting healthy environments. She deliberately incorporates high-impact and innovative practices in her teaching including service-learning and the use of emerging technologies. Interior design students often partner with high school students and teachers on design project needs.

Her students have been involved in projects with the Temple Grandin School for students with autism spectrum disorder, Rocky Mountain High School, and Compass High School. She has been instrumental in advancing learning using technologies such as graphic design software, Building Information Models, and virtual reality. Knowledge of these tools has enhanced placement of CSU graduates in national high ranking interior design firms.

One student wrote, "I truly believe that Dr. Malinin made us thrive as she pushed us to develop projects that had a social purpose supported by strong theory and research. She made us better researchers and designers, and better people…I am hoping one day to inspire people in my professional life as profoundly as she has affected me and my classmates."


Tenure Track Faculty Scholarly Excellence

The Tenure-Track Faculty Scholarly Excellence Award recognizes a faculty member, who is not yet tenured, for outstanding contributions in original and theoretical research, creative works, or other forms of scholarly endeavor.

Lauren Shomaker, Department of Human Development and Family Studies

Lauren's research program investigates the role of depression in Type 2 diabetes risk and prevention in adolescents. The incidence of Type 2 diabetes is rapidly increasing, and youth, particularly racial and ethnic minority youth, are particularly at risk. Across a progressively developing program of research, she has established an empirical connection between depression and insulin resistance independent of obesity; identified pediatric depression as a prospective risk factor for worsening insulin resistance; and demonstrated that brief mental health interventions to reduce depressive symptoms lead to sustained decreases in insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes risk.

Lauren's track record of funding and of publications is impressive. She has published 54 peer-reviewed articles, 29 of them since arriving at CSU, the majority appearing in top tier journals. She is highly visible in the field, with 110 conference presentations to date, and several invited presentations.

One nominator wrote: "The features that characterize her work are cutting edge in the intervention field. Lauren has always stood out, and now her work is truly exceptional. She is already making a major contribution to the scientific field, and in an area that is extraordinarily important in terms of its significance to public health. She is an outstanding young scientist and is making a difference in the world."


Outstanding Senior

The Outstanding Senior Award recognizes a college graduating senior for outstanding performance including academic achievement, leadership, research, service, or creative endeavors.

Chelsea Reynolds, Department of Human Development and Family Studies

As a student, Chelsea is a star. Along with her major in HDFS, she is pursuing a double major in Spanish and holds a 3.9 GPA. She has been recognized with several scholarships, and is considered by faculty to be the top senior in the department. She is dedicated to a career related to developing and implementing programs that support children and families, build on their strengths, and empower them to face and overcome challenges. This is evident in her leadership activities. She is active in the community as a volunteer in her church, and as a leader in Young Life, a non-denominational Christian ministry that reaches out to adolescents through volunteers, staff, club meetings, and camps.

She served last year in the HDFS Student Outreach and Undergraduate Leadership council, helping organize several community events and supporting departmental activities. She is a strong leader in the CSU Club for Students with Chronic Illness, having served last year as vice president of the organization. She has been exceptionally instrumental as a research assistant in the Center for Family and Couple Therapy. In addition, she holds a position as the volunteer and development coordinator for Finally Home, a non-profit serving adoptive families. Chelsea has also been accepted into the Ph.D. program in HDFS.

One nominator wrote, "Chelsea is a woman of courageous spirit, significant determination, unflagging motivation, and deep compassion for others. She is one of the most inspirational students I have had the honor of knowing."


Outstanding Graduate Student

The Outstanding Graduate Student Award recognizes a CHHS graduate student for outstanding performance in research, outreach/engagement, and/or creative endeavors.

Elizabeth Will, Department of Human Development and Family Studies

Liz possesses a rare blend of competence, compassion, and vision. She is an exceptionally strong student, who has outstanding capability for becoming an independent investigator in developmental disabilities research. Her research examines core deficits in individuals with Down Syndrome. Planning is well established as a deficit area in this population. Liz is pursuing a critical line of research which will ultimately inform the development of interventions targeting these early mechanisms of planning. Effective intervention and prevention strategies are needed, and Liz’s developing program of research speaks to specific mechanisms that can be capitalized on to produce positive developmental change.

She has worked with Dr. Fidler and Dr. Daunhauer to successfully publish multiple papers in top peer-reviewed journals, and to present this work at national conferences. She has also evolved into a trusted collaborator in proposal development. She has secured a highly competitive NIH-funded post-doctoral fellowship at the University of South Carolina.

One nominator wrote: "Liz is a truly outstanding graduate student. She demonstrates a strong work ethic and deep intellectual curiosity. She has that intangible yet visible presence that is a combination of talent, passion, commitment, and motivation."

Friends of the College Awards

This award was created to recognize those individuals who have supported the college in extraordinary ways.


Dwight Burke, CSU Division of Student Affairs

As Director of Support and Safety Assessment and Title IX Programs, Dwight has worked with multiple units in the college in various aspects of consultation and training related to safety. In his role, Dwight coordinates systems to address the safety and welfare of students, faculty, and staff. His duties include oversight of threat management services, early intervention and support services, security programs, and Title IX programs. He has worked in higher education for 32 years in roles including law enforcement, behavioral intervention, threat assessment, multidisciplinary treatment programs, and civil rights investigations.

Dwight earned his B.S. from CSU in Natural Resources Management, his M.S from Chadron State College in Organizational Leadership, and he holds graduate certificates in mediation, workplace mediation, and arbitration.

Dwight is a key member of the campus safety network and we are grateful for his advice and counsel in working through issues that can be challenging.


Mike Rush, CSU Facilities Management

As Associate Director in Facilities, Mike has supported remodels and new buildings over the course of many years and across every unit in our college. Mike leverages his experience and aptitude for research to manage the capital design and construction program for CSU. Over the last decade Mike has worked with a highly capable team of project management specialists and has delivered over $1.3 billion in development and revitalization at the University.

Mike shares significant projects and the technology intensive development process in the classroom where he teaches graduate and undergraduate students. He is also completing the requirements to earn a graduate degree in construction management from CSU.

For projects in our college, Mike is always creative, responsive, and supportive and he is gifted in working with faculty, students, staff, and donors to achieve a collaborative vision for space.


Gordan Thibedeau, United Way of Larimer County

As President and CEO at United Way since 1998, Gordan Thibedeau has supported the college in multiple partnerships over the years, including philanthropic gifts that come through United Way, grant funding, and opportunities for students and faculty to connect with the community through internships, volunteering, and funded projects.

Gordan joined the Army in 1964 and went on to serve over 28 years active military service. After retirement in 1992, he became the Executive Director of Partners of Larimer County, a youth mentorship organization before joining United Way.

During his tenure at United Way, Gordan has focused on achieving lasting community impact for those without a voice: the impoverished and the homeless. Gordan led the restructuring of United Way to meet the increasingly complex needs of children and families in Larimer County.

Gordan holds a bachelor’s degree in history, a master’s degree in business and a master’s degree in non-profit management. He is an active volunteer for multiple community organizations.

We recognize Gordan in honor of his many accomplishments that are consistent with the mission and work of the college.

Jeannie Miller, Molson Coors

Jeannie is a CSU alumna who put her microbiology degree to use during her 30-plus year career at Molson Coors, where she recently retired from her role as Vice President of Global Innovation. Jeannie is an active member of our Fermentation Science and Technology advisory board and a strong CSU advocate within Molson Coors, helping to secure a significant gift of brewing equipment for the new Lory Student Center microbrewery.