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Focus Areas

We explore how childhood behaviors around food (such as fear of trying new foods) impact child and parent behaviors related to long-term nutrition and healthy growth. We focus on the development of eating habits in young children to build healthy habits early in childhood.

We investigate the development of physical activity patterns, such as gross motor skills in preschoolers, to discover how interventions can improve physical activity habits over time. We focus on physical activity interventions that involve both parents and schools with the purpose of creating long-term change.

We work in communities, with individuals most at risk for health disparities to improve overall health outcomes in these populations. Therefore, much of our research focuses on the impact and improvement of community-centered interventions in rural Colorado communities.


  • We value diverse backgrounds, individual interests and foster creativity, innovation, and critical thinking in all of our students.
  • We focus on an interdisciplinary approach to drive our projects to success.
  • We make an impact on the lives of others.
HBL students and staff with USDA program officer at conference