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Equity and Social Justice Award Winners

  • Jessica Gonzalez-Voller, Equity and Social Justice – Distinction in Research (pictured left)
  • Shivani Kaushik, Equity and Social Justice – Distinction in Graduate Research (pictured right)
Lise Youngblade and Jessica Gonzalez-Voller
CHHS Research Day Award Winners
Lise Youngblade and Shivani Kaushik

Research Category Equity and Social Justice

Awarded Equity and Social Justice – Distinction in Research

Title: Counseling Client Outcomes and Counselors Multicultural Competence

Additional Authors: Laurie Carlson, Jackie Peila-Shuster, Sharon Anderson, and Kody Roper

Academic Unit: School of Education

Awarded Equity and Social Justice – Distinction in Graduate Research

Title: Dying for a Change: A Systematic Review of Compassionate Release Policies

Additional Authors: Jennifer Currin-McCulloch

Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Currin-McCulloch

Academic Unit: School of Social Work

Fawzi Khalife, Graduate Student

Title: Incorporating Social Equity Considerations into Transportation Asset Management

Additional Authors: Mehmet Ozbek, Rebecca Atadero, and Erin Arneson

Faculty Mentor: Mehmet Ozbek

Academic Unit: Department of Construction Management

Fawzi Khalife

Shane LeMaster, Graduate Student

Title: Mystical Meaning Making: Exploring a Psychedelic Intervention on Racial Trauma Narratives

Faculty Mentor: Shannon Hughes

Academic Unit: School of Social Work

Shane Lemaster

Khuc Phan, Graduate Student

Title: Leader-Member Exchange theory and its impact on employees’ willingness to take an emergent leadership role

Faculty Mentor: Louise Jennings

Academic Unit: School of Education

Khuc Phan

Jared Tarzian, Undergraduate Student

Title: Fostering Inclusivity: Analysis of Web Accessibility of Apparel Retail Websites and User Experiences

Faculty Mentor: Ruoh-Nan (Terry) Yan

Academic Unit: Department of Design and Merchandising

Jared Tarzian

Débora Viana, Graduate Student

Title: Predicting Immigrants’ Attitudes Towards the Police

Additional Authors: Elizabeth Kiehne

Faculty Mentor: Elizabeth Kiehne

Academic Unit: School of Social Work

Debora Silva Viana

Lauren Vilen, Graduate Student

Title: What is Corps Work and Who is Doing it? Establishing a Baseline to Support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Conservation Corps

Faculty Mentor: Jill Zarestky

Academic Unit: School of Education

Lauren Vilen
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