Paying for College

Often one of the big challenges for students and parents is planning a way to pay for college. Student Financial Services at Colorado State University offers a variety of financial aid and scholarship resources for students and their parents.

Student Financial Services

The Student Financial Services Web site includes information on the cost of attending CSU; a budget calculator; an overview of scholarships, grants and loans; student employment opportunities and work Study; and more.


The College of Health and Human Sciences scholarship endowment funds total almost $4 million, thanks to the generosity of alumni and friends. More than 100 scholarships are awarded annually to recognize outstanding academic achievement. Scholarships range in value from three hundred to several thousand dollars. Find a scholarship that is right for you. Visit our scholarship page for more information.

College Opportunity Fund

College Opportunity Fund

The College Opportunity Fund provides state-tax dollars to colleges and universities on behalf of eligible undergraduate students. The Fund was created by an Act of the Colorado State Legislature in May 2004 to heighten awareness that state tax dollars are used to offset the costs of undergraduate education.

AmeriCorps Education Award

AmeriCorps Education Award

As a CSU student active in volunteering, you may be eligible for an AmeriCorps Education Award! AmeriCorps education awards are given on what you DO in the community, not on financial need or GPA. If you're planning to do unpaid service for a non-profit organization, you could qualify. The education award is a great fit for internships, practicum experiences, fieldwork experiences, alternative spring break participation, ongoing and committed volunteer work and service learning classes. You can use your education award to pay for tuition, make payments on existing loans, or save it for up to seven years for graduate school or continuing education in the future. Twenty percent of your service can be spent in professional development.

The education awards come in the following flavors:

300 hours of service in a calendar year = $1,175 award
450 hours of service in a calendar year = $1,468 award
900 hours of service in two calendar years = $2,775 award

For further information, contact CSU UCAN Serve AmeriCorps Program, (970) 491-3802. LEARN MORE AND ACCESS FORMS AT: