Eligibility and Application Process

How to Apply

To apply for scholarships through the College of Health and Human Sciences, complete the CSU Scholarship Application (CSUSA). CHHS scholarships include:

  • All College Scholarships (for all majors)
  • Interdepartmental Scholarships (for the historical home economics disciplines now housed in the Departments of Design and Merchandising, Food Science and Human Nutrition, Human Development and Family Studies, and Occupational Therapy, and the Family and Consumer Sciences interdisciplinary major)
  • Department or School Scholarships.

The CSUSA will be available online at RAMweb beginning December 1. The deadline is March 1 at 11 p.m. (MST). Go to RAMweb at and login using your eID. From there, you can select the CSU Scholarship Application.

Complete the General Application, and be sure to review and complete any Recommended Opportunities for which you wish to apply. Some scholarships require essays, letters of recommendation, transcripts and/or a resume. All of these documents must be submitted online by the application deadline for consideration. For further information and specific instructions, visit the CSUSA as soon as possible on or after December 1. Late documents, and documents submitted by fax, U.S. mail, e-mail, or hand-delivery will NOT be accepted.

To be considered for need-based scholarships through the CSUSA, your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be submitted no later than March 1.

The CSUSA is competitive, with hundreds of applications each year for College of Health and Human Sciences scholarships. Applications are reviewed based on your academic record as well as your answers to the questions on the application. We recommend typing your essays in a word processing program to take advantage of spell checking and word counting. Once you are done, just copy and paste your text into the application.

Some scholarships require letters of recommendation and/or other documents. If you are applying for one or more scholarships that require letters of recommendation, you are asked to provide e-mail addresses for each reference. (A single reference may suffice for multiple scholarships, although some require more than one letter of reference. See specific opportunities for details.) These individuals will be contacted directly through the system to request that they upload their letters. Ensure ample time for these to be completed and submitted by your references by the deadline of March 1 at 11:00 p.m. (MST).

The CSUSA is provided through AcademicWorks. You may receive e-mails from AcademicWorks if you are selected for a scholarship or need to provide additional information for a scholarship opportunity. To ensure proper e-mail delivery, please ensure that your email address in RAMweb is correct and that you monitor it often, and add "" to spam filters to ensure proper delivery to your inbox. AcademicWorks supports Google Chrome Versions 35 and 36, Mozilla Firefox Versions 30 and 31, Apple Safari Versions 6 and 7, and Internet Explorer Versions 10 and 11.

Scholarship recipients are typically notified during spring semester of awards they will receive for the upcoming academic year beginning in the fall. Please know that through the generosity and growing awareness of individuals, alumni, and the business sector, new sources of scholarship funding are steadily becoming available. We try to award new scholarships, as soon as possible, so some students may be selected for scholarships throughout the year. With such a large and growing scholarship program, we encourage you to continue applying each year.

Scholarship Eligibility

  • Be accepted for admission or currently enrolled with a major in the College of Health and Human Sciences, or be enrolled in the Teacher Licensure Program (for Education sholarships) by mid-February. Incoming students (freshmen and transfers) must have applied for admission and set up an eID to access RAMweb.
  • Meet additional criteria. Most scholarships have additional criteria or preferences that have been established by the donor. These additional criteria may specify major, class, financial need, academic achievement, residency, letters of recommendation, U.S. citizenship or permanent residency status, or other factors.
  • For HHS All College or Interdepartmental scholarships, the recipient must be a student in good academic standing in the College of Health and Human Sciences, or enrolled in the Teacher Licensure Program (for Education scholarships), making satisfactory progress, and carrying a full academic load for the duration of the award year (Minimum 12 resident instruction credit hours for undergraduates, 9 resident instruction credit hours graduates, unless otherwise specified under "additional criteria..."). Dropping below the required number of credits will result in forfeiture of the scholarship. Some department and school scholarships may allow for part-time students to receive awards.