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Find a scholarship that is right for you with the searchable database below. To assist in your financial planning for the coming school year, we have provided approximate dollar amounts for scholarship awards in the descriptions. We do not guarantee the availability of all of these scholarships for next year, nor can we guarantee that the amounts awarded will be identical to those included here. Payment of scholarship funds is generally divided equally between Fall and Spring semesters. In some cases, the scholarship amount may be divided among two or more recipients.

To be considered for any scholarships in the College of Health and Human Sciences, students must complete the Colorado State University Scholarship Application (CSUSA). Click here for general application instructions and eligibility requirements. Students who have completed the CSUSA will be considered for any CHHS scholarships for which they meet the eligibility requirements. Some scholarships have specific questions or additional documentation requirements listed in the CSUSA, but most do not. By completing all applicable questions in the CSUSA, you are applying for all scholarships for which you are eligible.

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