Scholarship Acceptance

Congratulations! Because of the generous support of private donors and your accomplishments, you have been selected to receive a scholarship award from the College of Health and Human Sciences or one of its departments. It is always a pleasure to reward and recognize excellence in academic endeavors. Many outstanding students applied for scholarships in the College of Health and Human Sciences, and you deserve to feel proud that you were selected.

To accept your scholarship, please complete these four tasks in AcademicWorks.

  1. Write a thank you letter to your donor by carefully following the specific instructions below
  2. Write a brief personal bio
  3. Submit a professional looking headshot
  4. Attend the scholarship event

You can log in to AcademicWorks via RamWeb, using the link in your email, or by logging on at

Please note that you will need to satisfy all four of these tasks, before your scholarship dollars can be released to your student account.

The Importance of Thanking Your Donor

The College is fortunate to have many private donors -- individuals, foundations, and corporations -- who contribute generously to scholarships and fellowships for our outstanding students. Scholarships are funded by real people often in memory or in honor of a loved one or favorite professor. Therefore, it is very important to thank those who made your scholarship possible. Beyond the simple courtesy of this act, often thank you letters can result in increased scholarship funds from donors, which further benefits students like you. Therefore the College of Health and Human Sciences requires each scholarship recipient to write a thank you letter that we can proudly send to your scholarship donor(s) prior to releasing your scholarship funds to your student account.

Information you may need to draft your thank you letter is below. You may download a template version here.

1. Write a Thank You Letter

Thank You Letter Best Practices

  1. Create your letter as a Word document.
  2. Include your mailing and email addresses.
  3. Address your letter to your donor (your donor’s name will be listed in the email you receive notifying you of your scholarship award). Please note, if your acceptance instruction email included multiple lines of scholarship donors, then you will need to write a thank you letter for each donor. Please create one Word document with multiple pages (one page for each donor letter). For example, if your email instructions say Jane and Joe Smith, and John Doe, then page one of your Word document would be a thank you letter to Jane and Joe Smith and page two would be a thank you letter to John Doe.
  4. Write clearly and concisely, one page maximum, including the following topics:
    • Personal and Educational Background: where you are from, your year in school and major
    • Accomplishments/Achievements: awards, honors, and any obstacles you have overcome to attend college
    • Extracurricular Activities: stories about a relevant extracurricular or community service project that impacted your life
    • Goals and Aspirations: your future plans, both immediate and long term; include career you wish to pursue
    • Statement of Appreciation: Mention your appreciation for the scholarship that you received, and your plans for utilizing the funds.
  5. Express your enthusiasm and appreciation sincerely and authentically.
    • Remember that the donor(s) did not select you as the recipient, but provided the funds for the scholarship, e.g. “Thank you for making the ABC Scholarship possible...”
    • Note the impact of the scholarship on your student experience, e.g. “This scholarship makes it possible for me to concentrate more fully on my courses/work less/engage in meaningful opportunties.”
  6. Include a statement showing interest in meeting at the awards event, or corresponding with them in the future.
  7. Make sure your letter is free of both grammatical and spelling errors. The literacy and professionalism demonstrated in your letter is a reflection on all of us. Proofread carefully, and have a parent, mentor, or professor edit for typos and grammatical errors.
  8. Embed a scanned copy of your signature.
    • Sign a blank white sheet of paper with a good pen or fine-point felt-tip marker
    • Scan the paper or take a photo of it with your phone and email it to yourself
    • For tips on adding a signature to your letter, watch this brief video.
    • For help with any of these steps, consult a staff member in one of the CHHS computer labs.

We will review your letter prior to releasing your scholarship funds to your student account. Once approved, we will send it to your scholarship donor(s).

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2. Write a Brief Personal Bio

Please compose a short paragraph (1000 characters maximum, including spaces) about yourself which will be showcased with other scholarship awardees on our website, and may be featured in print, web, and event materials. Please write in the third person, include your hometown, class year for this fall, major, and areas of interest within your field of study. You might also include your volunteer and club activities, any awards you have won, and your future plans after graduation. Please compose your bio in Word, spellcheck, ensure it is 1000 characters or fewer, then copy and paste into the acceptance page on AcademicWorks.

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3. Submit a Professional Looking Photo

Please upload a professional looking headshot. You are not required to go take professional pictures, but please be judicious in choosing a headshot that portrays you in a professional way (no midnight selfies).

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4. Attend the Scholarship Brunch

Be sure to mark your calendar to attend the scholarship event! It is an expectation that you will attend to thank your donors in person. Click here to learn more.

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Should you have any questions about accepting your scholarship or thanking your donors, please contact Karrie Butler at or (970) 491-6690.