IT Contacts

CHHS Computing Helpdesk

(970) 491-3458 |

The Helpdesk is open Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.

Beth Adams

Beth Adams, Assistant Director of IT for Student Computing

(970) 491-1556 |

Beth directly oversees all facets of student computing for the college, including the college’s computer labs and student staff, as well as all associated purchasing, systems, and services.

Dave Carpenter

Dave Carpenter, Director of Operations

(970) 491-3294 |

Dave currently oversees all administrative operations of the College, including its financial, human resources, equal opportunity, facilities, and information technology functions.

Aaron Darnell

Aaron Darnell, Assistant Director of IT for Systems and Applications

(970) 491-3678 |

Aaron's primary area of responsibility is the oversight of the college’s server systems, as well as the ongoing strategic development of the college’s IT infrastructure.

Jennifer Garvey

Jennifer Garvey, Assistant Director of IT for Web and Business Systems

(970) 491-6001 |

Jen's primary area of oversight is the college’s web presence and all associated systems and services.

Derek Stegelman

Derek Stegelman, Assistant Director of IT for Application Development

(970) 491-4075 |

Derek oversees all facets of the College's custom application environment.

Eric Tisdale

Eric Tisdale, Assistant Director of IT

(970) 491-3393 |

Eric's primary responsibilities are the oversight of the College's Helpdesk and handling of all IT-related purchasing for faculty and staff.