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Current Projects

U-Behavior is a method of teaching and learning that reimagines and redesigns the Canvas quiz as Retrieval Practice Activities.

The U-Behavior method includes educational tools designed to inform students how to use RPAs to improve their learning behaviors, promoting practice strategies that have been shown to boost long-term learning.

U-Behavior provides online instruction, showing students why they would want to practice (study) in these ways. The method reinforces these practice strategies by generating personalized high-resolution visualizations (visual-form learning analytics), presenting students with their individualized RPA Canvas use data.

Discussion-based Epistemic Network Analysis is a learning and teaching method that uses ENA to uncover connections within students’ discussion posts.

C-ALT researchers are exploring how DB-ENA can assist faculty and students in understanding where students may be missing contextual connections based on their discussion board data.

In addition, researchers are interested in how DB-ENA can help faculty evaluate student text-based responses, and provide formative feedback based on both the visual-form learning analytics and the quantitative evidence underlying the network.


C-ALT faculty are engaged in the development of several research projects that rely on learning analytics and learner data.

C-ALT is comprised of a community of scholars including Colorado State University faculty and external university faculty, graduate students, and external partners all actively engaged in conducting research in learning analytics to further student achievement and success.

C-ALT is committed to supporting its members as they design practitioner-based research intended to integrate learning analytics and explore data utilizing a variety of methods including data visualization.  This community of researchers includes supporting those interested in furthering their knowledge of learning analytics and improving their research skills.

CSU Faculty

An interdisciplinary research community, C-ALT engages in work with faculty across all eight colleges at CSU.

Are you a CSU faculty member with a research idea that incorporates learning analytics? Let’s collaborate! Contact us today, and let’s explore how we can help advance your research ideas.

Graduate Students

C-ALT has a successful history of working with graduate students from a variety of program areas.

Are you a graduate student at CSU with an interest  in learning-analytics-related work? Don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss how we can help advance your research.

External Partners

C-ALT has ongoing relationships with external institutions. We continue to make strategic alliances that help CSU advance its land-grant mission.

Interested in collaborating with C-ALT researchers? Please don’t hesitate to contact us – let’s discuss how we can work together.