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Heart Health Benefits for Our First Responders

Whether you are a firefighter or a member of our police force, you play a critical role in the health and safety of our society. But who helps keep you healthy and protects you from unnecessary health risks? We can play a pivotal role.

We know the majority of cardiovascular disease risk factors are known and totally controllable. Our expertise is in helping you identify your individual risk factors so you can maintain your health and keep doing your critically essential work – keeping us safe. So, if you or your department needs assistance in targeting your efforts in health and wellness for your department, we can help.

Ask us about available grant funding. We will go the extra mile for you because you already do.

Tiffany Lipsey performing testing

Choose the Right Evaluation Program for Your Agency

We created this program to provide a preliminary screening for cardiovascular disease for Colorado firefighters. Our Cardiac One Risk Evaluation is covered by the Colorado Firefighter Heart and Cancer Benefits Trust. If your agency participates in that program, you qualify for the CORE Program.

We currently serve 23 fire agencies in Colorado. That’s roughly 400-500 firefighters who have the information they need to stay healthy.

Because nearly 50% of on-duty firefighter deaths are due to a heart attack, our goal is to create the opportunity for every firefighter to understand how to manage their own risk factors and drive down that statistic.

You can improve the overall health and wellness of your department. And we want to help you do more to protect our police force from unnecessary health risks.

We currently serve the Fort Collins Police Department and the Longmont Department of Public Safety.

  • Follow-up Results Comprehensive Evaluation and Recommendations
  • Number of Fire Agencies Who Benefit From Testing 23
  • Our Knowledgeable Staff Are Highly Skilled and Offer Personalized Care