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Spring 2024 Exhibitions

Resist: Tie Dye Practices from Around the World

February 13 –July 30, 2024

Resist dyeing is a magical process. Patterns and images are revealed after a complex series of folds, ties, binds, and dyes. Scholars believe that these practices may have developed independently in cultures across the world. Join the Avenir Museum as we tie together diverse practices of tie dye from Japan, Indonesia, India, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, Guatemala, and Peru, amongst others.

Inside Out: Structures and Secrets  

January 20 – June 1, 2024

Garments are designed to be seen right side out. The inside – typically unseen – contains stories of both the maker and the wearer. This exhibition provides a rare opportunity to view hidden traces that are normally concealed by the rules of fashion.

A Fancy Flourish: Mary Frances Handbags  

January 16 – May 4, 2024

Enjoy a collection of opulently embellished handbags created by San Francisco-based designer Mary Frances, whose philosophy fuses whimsy and elegance!

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