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We Help Get Your Research Done

The logistics for a study can feel like an insurmountable hurdle and we understand that. The ability to make our facilities and expertise available as resources to internal and external CSU researchers is one of our primary goals at the HPCRL. By design, we are able to help streamline your study from the planning stages to sampling and data collection, and verification.

physician reviewing EKG with participant
clinical staff dispensing medication
test volunteer getting blood pressure taken

Our Expertise

We have an established clinical infrastructure based on current industry standards. We are proud of the compliance and safety culture we maintain with thorough training and professional standards. We also ensure our collaborators have the support and guidance they need for successful translational and clinical research projects.

We know how to conduct clinical studies because this is what we do every day. We can help you write your IRB protocol, maintain updated documentation, schedule participants, and collect and manage data. This way, you can focus on your findings.

We have a system to ensure all FDA-regulated studies managed by the HPCRL are in alignment with FDA standards. We are trained in Good Clinical Practice protocols ensuring the safety, integrity, and quality of your study.

Our lab equipment is available for rental to suit the needs of your study.

We supply you with the most current collection tools and quality space to conduct your research.

  • Since 2011 FDA compliance system
  • Physician and Medical Director full-time at the HPCRL
  • 9 clinical studies by nine researchers across four departments

How to Get Your Study Underway

We will help you through the entire process and make sure all your questions and concerns are addressed for your peace of mind. Feel free to contact us often and early as you begin developing your clinical study.

Tour the HPCRL

Schedule a meeting with our operations team to discuss your research needs and take a tour of our research facility.

Feasibility Assessment

We sit down with you to discuss budgeting and logistics to develop a workable plan for your clinical study.


Once we establish feasibility, we help you to develop your research plan.


We properly train you on our equipment. We ensure your team meets the requirements to safely work in our facility and conduct clinical studies.

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