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Our courses give you a competitive edge

We want you to succeed, to be empowered to do more with your degree, to discover the power of collaboration and alternative ways of problem-solving. With creative, flexible learning spaces centered around Design Thinking curriculum, the RDC is a hub for learning and connecting.

From learning how to make textile patterns and infographics, to working with wood and 3D modeling, there is an ever-rotating array of Design Thinking Toolbox courses offered at the RDC.

The undergraduate Certificate or Minor in Design Thinking will improve not only the way you learn and find solutions in your current coursework, but will also help make you more employable with sought-after marketable skills.

Coming soon! With the Graduate Certificate in Design Thinking, you will improve your personal creativity while initiating change in your industry. Design thinking skills are useful across numerous industries, not just the design world. Advance your career as you learn about the innovation process.

  • Asset 317 According to the Design Management Institute, companies using design thinking outperformed the S&P Index by 219% over 10 years 219%
  • 143 problems In the three semesters of Intro to Design Thinking, students have successfully tackled more than 143 problems
  • Asset 167 90 people Our Design Exchange, the open gallery space with AV and a variety of furniture options, is available for events of up to 90 people