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Make It Yours RDC Fabrication Labs

Explore the latest in fabrication technologies and bring your project ideas to life! The RDC Fabrication Labs provide you with a wide selection of equipment and training to help you acquire and master new skills. Learn woodworking, metalsmithing, product prototyping, laser cutting, or even enter the world of digital design, augmented reality, and virtual reality.

RDC Lab Access Membership

Not enrolled in a design thinking course? We are open to everyone! All CSU students, staff, and faculty are eligible to purchase a RDC Lab Access Membership to gain instant access to our fabrication labs equipment, trainings, technician assistance, and select testing materials.

Note: Lab Access Memberships are included as part of IDEA course fees. Please confirm with your instructor that your course does not already include lab access before purchasing a membership.

A student reaching for a wrench from a toolbox in the fabrication labs
  • 550+ hours of Wood Lab use since opening
  • 3000+ hours of Prototype Lab use by over 440 lab users in our first 5 semesters
  • 1916 hours of 3D printing in our first 5 semesters

Witness a harmonious symphony of cutting-edge technology. The Prototype Lab is where laser cutters and fabric printers hum alongside sewing machines while 3D printers dance as they build intricate models.

The timeless art of woodworking meets industrial power tools in the Wood Lab. Whether you’re seeking the finesse of wielding a chisel, or prefer the mighty CNC router, we have what you need to cut, carve, and construct.

Our Metal Lab is the ultimate playground for grinding, welding, and cutting through your metallic ideas. Forge new experiences and techniques as you feel empowered by the torch and become a modern day blacksmith.

Unleash your imagination with our stash of screen-printing supplies. The Imaging Lab will help you transfer images onto just about anything. Promote an event or show off your custom designs with just one swipe.

Embark on an immersive journey into virtual reality to build highly sought-after tech skills. The Ideation lab makes it easier than ever to develop, collaborate, and stay up-to-date on leading technology and software.

Join us in shaping the next generation of design thinkers. Mentor and guide students through their creative endeavors in the labs. Volunteer positions are open to any non-student with relevant experience. Apply today!

Made to Order Custom Design and Fabrication Services

We’ll make it for you!

Captivate and engage your audience with your own tailor-made creation. Our team of skilled interns, designers, technicians, and craftspeople are dedicated to helping you make your ideas into reality.

Whether you are a CSU department, local business, or member of the community, the RDC Fabrication Labs are within your reach. Email the build labs for a free project consultation and cost estimate.

A student checking a logo carved into wood using the CNC router in the Wood Lab
A student intern uses a sewing machine in the Prototype Lab to create beanbags for another CSU department
A student uses a sewing machine in the Prototype Lab