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RDC Fabrication and Digital Labs

The best way to experience our labs is via a toolbox course, as part of a design thinking certificate or minor. Whether you want to learn technique in wood or metal, prototyping in resin or laser cutting, or get into the digital world of design, augmented reality, or virtual reality, the RDC has an ever-rotating course list. We also offer online and in-person trainings on specific equipment in our labs. Learn about the equipment available in each lab and associated training sessions via the links on our Training page.

Here, UV and fabric printers reside alongside industrial quilters and sewing machines, and laser cutters hum as 3D and resin printers build up models. Enter an atmosphere of possibilities in our Prototype Lab.

Artisan woodworking meets high-tech creations in our Wood Lab. Whether your creation needs a traditional lathe or utilizes a digital file with our large CNC router, we’re here to help you make it.

Grinding, welding, and cutting metal might not seem feasible for all, but that’s why we created a Metal Lab. We want to offer opportunity to everyone to learn – and wielding a torch can be quite the empowering experience!

Asset 116 Ideation Lab

While the advancements in Augmented and Virtual Reality make it hard to keep technology up-to-date, we’re committed to offering equipment and software so students can gain highly sought after digital skills.

Asset 88 Imaging Lab

The sky’s the limit for printing in the Imaging Lab. Our screen printing press and exposure unit form the foundation of the possibilities available with our other prototyping tools.

Currently, we offer up to four free one-hour trainings a week in our labs. A mandatory training is the only thing standing between you and all the amazing equipment available at the RDC.

  • Asset 362 1500 How many stitches per minute our embroidery machine is capable of sewing with 16 thread colors available per design
  • In-person and online training Over 30 hours of available equipment training to all lab users
  • Asset 138 55 cases The amount of standard size phone cases that can be printed from one spool of 3D filament