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Assistive Technology Support for Online Classes

The ATRC is dedicated to supporting you in online courses. We recognize that online courses may be new and may present some challenges for you. Please be assured that the ATRC is available to support your ability to access online coursework.

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In addition to our in-person services, we are continuing to provide meetings by phone or in an online meeting via Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

During the scheduling of your appointment, coordinate with us to determine whether a phone or online meeting will work best for you. You will receive appointment reminders as usual regardless of which meeting type you prefer.

Students, please let us know if you’re having problems accessing your online course content with assistive technology. We can work with you and your instructor on solutions. Email your service provider or use our contact form to let us know what kind of issues you’re encountering.

Instructors, please let us know if you’re having problems with accessibility of online course delivery systems. We can work with you to find solutions and workarounds.

Support for Instructors

Instructors, as you’re converting your courses to online, be mindful that you need to make your content accessible. Tutorials are available on our Accessibility by Design website for many types of content, including PDF and video.

If you need further assistance after following the tutorials, please submit a ticket on the Keep Teaching  website.

Assistive Technology Resource Center What We Offer

  • 89% of students agreed assistive technology helped them stay in their courses
  • ATRC serves students across all departments and colleges at CSU
  • 3/4 of students served have a less apparent disability such as Dyslexia, ADHD, Traumatic Brain Injury, or mental health concerns

Assistive Technology Resource Center Endowment Give Now

The Gene and Ellie Gilfoyle Endowment for the ATRC helps members of the campus community with disabilities and provides hands-on experiences with assistive technology applications for Occupational Therapy graduate students.

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