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Keep C.A.L.M. and Use UDOIT

This year marks the first-ever accessibility campaign on our campus! Instructors, learn how to Keep C.A.L.M. (Creating Accessible Learning Materials) and use the UDOIT tools in Canvas to fix inaccessible course materials.

The 2023-24 Keep C.A.L.M. campaign comes out of a collaboration between our center and the Inclusive Physical and Virtual Campus Committee. Learn more about how this committee creates a more welcoming, accessible, and inclusive campus.

Request a Meeting

What is assistive technology and how can it support your learning this year?

Students who are connected with the Student Disability Center can Request a Meeting to meet with ATRC staff. You’ll explore technology supports and strategies for reading, note-taking, writing, or any school-related task, no matter your learning style.

To learn more, visit our Student Services page or explore free assistive technology with our Quick Start Guides.

CSU is piloting ReadSpeaker, a campuswide online text to speech tool built directly into Canvas. ReadSpeaker’s TextAid tool and web extension read other websites, PDFs, and other documents aloud. It is mobile browser compatible, so users can listen on the go.

ReadSpeaker allows streaming to mp3, extracting highlights, visual adjustments, and much more. Check out ReadSpeaker for Canvas for details.

Students, please let us know if you’re having problems accessing your online course content with assistive technology. We can work with you and your instructor on solutions. Email your service provider or use our contact form to let us know what kind of issues you’re encountering.

Instructors, please let us know if you’re having problems with accessibility of online course delivery systems. We can work with you to find solutions and workarounds.

Learn more about our efforts to make CSU's campus accessible

Assistive Technology Resource Center What We Offer

  • 88% of students agreed assistive technology helped them stay in their courses
  • ATRC serves students across all departments and colleges at CSU
  • 3/4 of students served have a less apparent disability such as Dyslexia, ADHD, Traumatic Brain Injury, or mental health concerns

Assistive Technology Resource Center Endowment Give Now

The Gene and Ellie Gilfoyle Endowment for the ATRC helps members of the campus community with disabilities and provides hands-on experiences with assistive technology applications for Occupational Therapy graduate students.

student training on livescribe pen

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