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GRADUATED: SPRING 2021 Andy Hieber

Position at time of graduation: Head Tester/Inspector at RockSol Consulting

Research topic: Implementation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Horizontal Construction

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management at CSU. I had the opportunity to pursue my interest in teaching by being a Graduate Teaching Assistant while working on my Master’s degree and researching my specific industry interest in unmanned aircraft systems.

Teaching undergraduate students led to a lot of growth within me as a person and established a fire for teaching and helping others learn about the construction industry. I also have never had the opportunity to meet so many individuals from all over the world. I learned so much from them and how things are done across this planet was terrific.

Every class is relevant! I have used something from each class I have taken, even if it is not within a construction topic. Learn to work as a team and know how an effective team works. Determine what kind of a leader you want to be, as this degree will make you one within the industry. Always leave doors open or never burn any bridges. The construction industry is a small world.

Andy Hieber

GRADUATED: SPRING 2020 Beth Fulster

Position at time of graduation : Assistant Engineer and Intern Coordinator at Turner Construction

Research topic: Integrated Project Delivery – The New Master Builder

I always loved construction as a kid but never considered it a career until I was on a study abroad program as an undergraduate in Nicaragua. After completing my B.S. in architecture, I worked for a general contractor and fell in love with construction even more. At this point, I decided I wanted my career to have more of a focus on construction, and pursuing a master’s degree was just another stepping stone to my dream.

I loved every moment of the CM program! My favorite memories are working on the homecoming float and winning 1st place, preparing and competing with fellow classmates at the ASC competitions in Reno, and being involved with CM Cares.

The best advice I can give is to get involved as soon as possible! Being involved allows you to network, get out of your comfort zone, and learn how to work alongside your peers that you will most likely run across at some point in your career.

Beth Fulster

GRADUATED: SPRING 2019 Azin Heidari

Position at time of graduation: Preconstruction Engineer at Mckinstry

Research topic: Positioning of Anchors for Personal Fall Arrest System for Sloped Roofs

After earning my Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, I decided to continue my education with a Master’s degree in Construction Management to follow a career in construction.

The CM master’s program helped me launch my career in the direction I intended to take since day one. My post-graduation plan was to join the construction industry as an emerging technology developer. Unique internship and full-time employment opportunities presented to me through this program helped me achieve this goal. In addition, I was fully empowered to pursue further my research interests in Building Information Modeling and Virtual Reality.

Back in the day, when I was a graduate teaching assistant for CON-131, Dr. Olbina and I did a virtual reality session that enabled undergraduate students to experience their Revit design in a VR environment first-hand (they had so much fun!). I also had the chance to expand my knowledge on construction safety working on my thesis, which prepared the foundation for a potential future pursuit of a Ph.D.

This program made me feel at home; the family atmosphere and the amount of support offered in this place were incredible! If you are considering a career in construction, this is the place to be!

Azin Heidari

GRADUATED: SUMMER 2014 Anderson Lewis

Position at time of graduation: Building Technology Consultant/Project Manager at Procon Consulting

Research topic: The Perceived Value of Using BIM for Energy Simulation

I decided to pursue my Master’s degree in Construction Management because I wanted a career that allowed me to contribute to creating spaces that have a positive impact on the people who occupy them and the environments in which they are situated.

As a graduate teaching assistant, I developed a BIM-based energy simulation teaching module, which I taught at CSU and Clemson. I thoroughly enjoyed engaging with other students that were just as fascinated by this topic as I was.

I would strongly recommend that anyone interested in pursuing a career related to the built environment consider CSU’s CM Master’s program. This program will give you the flexibility to follow what’s most important to you and, perhaps most importantly, teach you to think critically, and to approach questions systematically and empirically.

Anderson Lewis


Position at time of graduation: Project Manager at PJ Dick, Inc.

Research topic: Benefits of Owner Mandated CM/GC Contract Amendment Templates

I always had a desire to further my education. The Construction Management program at CSU offered the right combination of theoretical education mixed with practical job-specific knowledge that I could immediately apply to my career.

I enjoyed learning how to build and maintain schedules in P6. I immediately added value to projects when I got out of school, and it is still an invaluable skill that I use today.

If you are interested in the construction industry, the CSU CM project will provide you with applicable skills that set you apart from your peers.

I never grew up expecting to be doing what I am, but I enjoy it. Every day is different; challenges keep you on your toes, and collaboration with project teams is critical in this industry. It is a fun environment to be a part of, and the CM program at CSU provided the foundation that I needed to be successful.

Mat Feuer

GRADUATED: SUMMER 2014 Scott Anundsen

Position at time of graduation: Senior Preconstruction Manager and Cost Planner at Lendlease Development

Research topic: Factors that Impact the Effectiveness of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer in Concrete Building Renovations. A Case Study in Fort Collins, Colorado

My undergraduate degree was in Architecture. I felt I did not gain the technical skills needed to work on real-life projects once I graduated. I heard the CSU CM Department had an excellent reputation for preparing their students for real projects that they would encounter once they graduated. After graduating, I absolutely felt ready for any life/business challenges thrown my way.

There were multiple classes where I would go to an existing building or job site and obtain information from workers or data from studying existing buildings or systems where the data was accurate and tangible. I would then need to write a report on my findings. I loved the realness of this. The CM department utilizes the campus to their benefit, studying new and old buildings as well as current projects under construction. Unfortunately, too many undergraduate classes I had taken in the past were theoretical and didn’t allow for any hands-on experience.

It doesn’t matter what your background is coming into the program. What matters is that you will gain hands-on, real-world experience in a short amount of time that will advance your confidence and knowledge of construction and development.

Scott Anundsen