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Help Rams in Need

At a time when many of our students are struggling with financial stress, mental health, and unforeseen challenges related to COVID-19, a brand new fund, Lighten the Load, has been established by a generous anonymous donor who is passionate about helping others through difficult times. This fund will provide emergency financial resources to students in need, helping them to continue their educational goals despite challenges that arise.

Your gift to Lighten the Load helps provide much-needed relief to students as we help them navigate these uncertain times.

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Find Your Passion College Giving Priorities

We welcome you to give to the area that you care about most, whether it be an academic program, a scholarship, or one of our inspiring facilities or research programs. Learn more about the various priorities for funding for the College, or support to the department or school of your choice.

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Visit our unit giving pages to learn about their priorities and make a gift.

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With You, We Will.

The College of Health and Human Sciences is promoting health and well-being, for everyone. And, with your help, we will succeed!

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