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College and University Resources

On these pages, you will find our vision, values, mission, and core messages, as well as links to information on College approved colors, fonts, icons, patterns, signatures, templates, and letterhead. If you have questions about the College Brand website, please contact Tracy Kile Schwartz, Director of Communications.

This site is dedicated to defining the CSU brand and includes a style guide with information on logos, signatures, unit identifiers, work marks, color, typography, photography, illustration and iconography, web guidelines, email signatures, design recommendations, and templates. For assistance with print and branding projects, please contact Tracy Kile Schwartz, Director of Communications.

Developed and maintained by CSU’s Web Accessibility Subcommittee, this site includes an overview of the inclusive design approach, including a section with details on inclusive components and tips for makings those accessible. There are also detailed guides for making inclusive content on various platforms.

College Communications Team