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Graduate Programs

Step into a degree program that aligns with your desire for meaningful work. Our programs are designed to prepare you for careers that improve the human experience in all our life phases. Through training and research, we examine human development across the lifespan in the context of families, schools, communities, and culture.

While earning a Ph.D. in Applied Developmental Science, you will conduct research into issues that affect the quality of life of individuals, families, and communities.

Our master’s program prepares you for therapeutic and research-based careers. You can individualize your study to focus on what interests you most.

If you are drawn to helping families thrive, this is the program for you. Our program gives you hands-on counseling experience as part of your degree.

If you are interested in focusing your career in human-based research, this is the program for you. Many of our graduates complete a Ph.D. and work in academia.

This online degree helps you develop the skills to plan and implement evidence-based prevention programs that make a lasting, positive difference within the community.

With this graduate certificate, you will gain specialized knowledge in prevention science, including prevention theory, evidence-based prevention strategies, prevention program planning and design, and program evaluation.


Navigating graduate school can be challenging. Let us guide you through the process and get any questions you have answered!

Get Involved, Make an Impact Research

Our graduate programs focus heavily on research. We advise you to learn about our research faculty and the work we are doing in our research labs. We feel it’s important to find the right fit with a faculty adviser and inquire about availability for assistantships. Consider reaching out to discuss your graduate degree goals and shared research areas.

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Person in lab coat oversees participant in human-sized pod.