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Undergraduate and Graduate Students Build Your Research Skills

Take advantage of a number of opportunities to conduct research. You can be a part of a team of nationally and internationally recognized researchers while you develop your critical thinking skills, learn to analyze journal articles, and learn about the research process.

As a member of the Clinical Biomechanics Laboratory team, you will have the opportunity to assist in all phases of our research related to reducing injury and improving performance through investigation into the biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system.

Director: Dr. Raoul Reiser II


In the Extracellular Regulation of Metabolism Laboratory, you will apply concepts of physiology and molecular biology to understand exercise and metabolism in humans, mice, and cells.

Director: Dr. Dan Lark


When you become a research assistant in the Healthspan Biology Lab, you can help with experiments measuring lifespan/healthspan in model organisms, and with analyzing data on healthy lifestyle behaviors like exercise in people.

Director: Dr. Tom LaRocca


As part of the Lab for the Assessment and Promotion of Physical Activity and Health, you will build knowledge about health behavior theory and physical activity research. From data collection to manuscript writing, you’ll also develop skills through full participation in the research process.

Director: Dr. Kaigang Li


You will cross the threshold between science fiction and downright stupidity, but you’ll do it wearing a lab coat and safety glasses.  You’ll look fabulous.

Director: Dr. Chris Bell


If you are a highly motivated individual who enjoys being a team player, taking ownership to lead projects, and is looking forward to being part of an interdisciplinary team, then you may be a great fit for the Laboratory for Movement Neuroscience and Rehabilitation.

Director: Dr. Neha Lodha


As PATP lab volunteer or intern, you will learn how to help with participant assessments, exercise sessions, data management, and community outreach.

Director: Dr. Heather Leach


By joining the Sensorimotor Neuroimaging Laboratory, you will have the opportunity to learn about 3D motion analyses, neuroimaging, virtual reality, kinematic, and kinetic analyses of human movement while studying a broad spectrum of elite athletes to those living with neurologic dysfunction and disease.

Director: Dr. Brett Fling


If you are looking for hands-on patient experience like patient communication and assisting with medical procedures. wet lab exposures such as the processing of samples and running assays, and learning how to collect, manage, and analyze research data, then the Sleep and Metabolism lab may be the place for you!

Director: Dr. Josiane Broussard


A wise person once said “It`s not how old you are, it`s how you are old.” In the TRACD lab, you will help make discoveries about how to age well.

Director: Dr. Karyn Hamilton


Undergraduate and Graduate Students Develop Your Clinical Skills

Take advantage of a number of opportunities to build clinical skills by immersing yourself in one of our clinical programs.

In these outreach programs, you will gain hands on experience in a clinical setting assessing cardiovascular disease risk and risk factors in a unique population of Colorado firefighters.

Director: Tiffany Lipsey

Student Engagement Coordinator: Brady Andersen


This program is designed to optimize the performance health of endurance, community, and emerging athletes.  Gain experience in testing to measure individualized: endurance potential, training and recovery status, body composition, caloric requirements, and gait analysis.