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2015 Legacies Honorees Compilation Video

Janell Prussman was part of a compilation video featuring her story, along with Legacies Honorees Marie Macy, Grant Sherwood, and Linda Carlson.

Audio Described Version of 2015 CSU College of Health and Human Sciences Legacies Project Summary (best experienced in Chrome)

Watch Janell Prussman’s personal video and hear her stories and memories.

Audio Described Version of Janell Prussman: CSU College of Health and Human Sciences Legacies Honoree (best experienced in Chrome)

Honoring Janell's Legacy Janell Prussman

Read Janell’s biography and career history and find out what she’s doing today.

The Janell Prussman First Generation Enhancement fund is intended to help the college offer support to and create community among first generation students via gatherings and events. CHHS first generation faculty and staff will also be invited to join students at events to serve as role models and mentors, and provide support.

Janell Prussman Photo Album