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Occupational Therapy Programs

We offer two distinct academic programs. The OTD focuses on preparing you for licensure and practice as an occupational therapist. The Ph.D. is geared toward careers in research and academia.

Our OTD program prepares you to become an occupational therapist. You will be able to work effectively with a variety of populations across the age spectrum from infancy through old age.

Our Occupational and Rehabilitation Science Ph.D. program prepares you to pursue academic careers in research and higher education.

  • Fieldwork Locally Integrated with Occupational Therapy Coursework
  • Small Classes 5 to 25 students in lectures and labs
  • 200 Statewide and National Level Placements
  • Supportive Professional Learning Environment
  • Scholarships and Teaching and Research Assistantships available to a large number of students
  • Sunny Climate Our campus is nestled in the Rocky Mountains

Our Program of Study

We developed our occupational therapy program curriculum based on a holistic approach. We blend our teaching philosophy with our passion for education, research, and outreach to develop an engaging curriculum. We are proud to boast a 100% passing rate on the national exam, and is one example of our commitment to our student’s success.