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Center for Community Partnerships New Start for Student Veterans Program

New Start supports current and incoming CSU student veterans, helping them achieve success in college and ultimately in the career areas of their choice.

Veterans rock climbing

Center for Community Partnerships Opportunities for Postsecondary Success

The OPS program works collaboratively with the Student Disability Center and other student service offices to support CSU students with learning differences and/or disabilities who may benefit from individualized, weekly support services.

Mentor helping student study with flashcards

Center for Community Partnerships Integrated Employment Services

Integrated Employment Services guides adults with developmental disabilities in their dreams of working in the community as opposed to spending their days in segregated settings.

Assisting gentleman with on-the-job training in grocery store


Learn about the annual Occupational Therapy Knowledge Exchange and Program Assessment projects.  Read some inspiring stories that showcase our outreach and engagement programs.

Fieldwork educators holding award they received at Knowledge Exchange