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Occupational Therapy Research

Our outreach centers and research laboratories enhance our student’s learning through volunteer opportunities, employment, fieldwork, and research.

Students in ATRC lab using computer screen magnification
Adam Kinney
A student and subject looking at brainwaves on the computer.

Research Centers and Labs

The Brainwaves Research Lab is an interdisciplinary research lab located in the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance music therapy area. The BRL is devoted broadly to the study of brain development and specifically to the study of sensory, motor, and cognitive development in infants, children, and adolescents.

The Center provides education and training opportunities and essential infrastructure to enhance capacity for data sharing and secondary analysis of existing data in rehabilitation and disability research.

Development and testing of yoga-based interventions for people with chronic disabilities and diseases.

Life Outcomes after Brain Injury is a research center located within the department that focuses on screening students for possible traumatic brain injury, life outcomes, and care access following brain injury.

We seek to promote occupation through study, development of assessments, and intervention.

The Occupational Experience Profile, formerly the PPR Profile is an occupation-focused assessment designed for use in practice, education, and research by occupational therapy practitioners.

Restoring Effective Sleep Tranquility is a program that has been offering group-based and individualized sleep improvement education and support to qualifying post-9/11 student veterans since 2015. The program is directed and delivered by occupational therapists with advanced clinical training in cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia.

The Sensory integration, Play, and Occupational Therapy Research Lab focuses on play and participation for all children, support for their families, and development of a richer understanding of the neuroscience underpinning sensory integrative processes

Our lab seeks to better understand the neural physiology of brain injury and other neurological conditions.

Our lab focuses on supporting the transition to adulthood and employment for individuals with disabilities.

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