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Research Funding and Proposal Support

We strive to provide unparalleled grant support. To achieve this, we have dedicated pre- and post-award support at the college level. Our pre-award staff acts as a liaison with the Office of Sponsored Programs with the aim of allowing faculty to focus on the science pieces of the proposal. Our goal is to submit quality proposals with emphasis on the following steps in the grant funding lifecycle:

  1. Funding Searches
  2. Solicitation Review
  3. Budget Preparation
  4. Ancillary Document Preparation/Review
  5. Preparation of Application Package
  6. Coordination with the Office of Sponsored Programs
  7. Proposal Submission
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Step 1 - Searching for Funding

The first step in becoming a funded researcher is searching for potential funding options. Below are options to explore. Please also feel free to contact Stephanie Ouren for individual brainstorming.

CSU Funding Opportunities

CSU provides some internal grant funding opportunities to researchers.

College Funding Opportunities

The College of Health and Human Sciences also offers funding opportunities for researchers and graduate students.

Step 2 - Fill Out Proposal Notification Form

Congratulations! You’ve found a funding opportunity you are interested in – here are some next steps as we assist you in getting a high-quality proposal out the door to meet the submission deadline.

Our pre-award office will work with you to prepare a budget, budget narrative, and any other required documents for proposal submission, so please fill out the Proposal Notification Form as soon as you decide to submit a proposal. 

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Step 3 - Utilize Proposal Preparation Resources

When you are at the stage of preparing your grant, take advantage of these resources for tips on preparing a high-quality proposal.

The Vice President for Research Office has a webpage with proposal writing tips and resources.

Research Acceleration Office

CSU also has institutional support via the Research Acceleration Office (RAO) for large and complex proposals.

For private and corporate foundation proposals, see the CSU Foundation Relations website.

These Federal Funding Agencies also provide specific information and tips on preparing your grant application.

Office of Sponsored Programs

The CSU Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) has a wide variety of information available on their website. The CHHS pre-award team will act as a liaison between the principal investigator and OSP.

For animal or human subjects or other regulatory issues that your grant might require.

Optional Step 4 - College Grant Proposal Review Program

The College of Health and Human Sciences is sponsoring a formal program in which grant proposals can be reviewed by your peers for feedback prior to submission. Confirm your intent to submit a proposal for review by Nov. 1, March 1, or July 1 each year. You can also volunteer to be a proposal reviewer.

Optional Step 5 - Showcase Your Research

There are several opportunities for faculty and graduate and undergraduate students to present your research and have the opportunity to win awards. We encourage you to explore the following opportunities at CSU to showcase your research.

Graduate student explaining her research poster
  • 23 graduate students presented posters and creative scholarship at the virtual Graduate Student Showcase, 6 won awards
  • $11 million in research expenditures for 2020-21
  • 15 undergraduate students presented posters at the Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity Showcase, 6 won awards
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