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2014 Legacies Honorees Compilation Video

Antigone Kotsiopulos was part of a compilation video featuring her story, along with Legacies Honorees Pat Kendall, Rich Feller, and Jill Kreutzer.

Audio Described Version of 2014 CSU College of Health and Human Sciences Legacies Project Summary video (best experienced in Chrome)

Watch Antigone Kotsiopulos’s personal video and hear her stories and memories.

Audio Described Version of Antigone Kotsiopulos: CSU College of Health and Human Sciences Legacies Honoree (best experienced in Chrome)

Honoring Antigone's Legacy Antigone Kotsiopulos

Read Antigone’s biography and career history and find out what she’s doing today.

The Kotsiopulos Education Enhancement Fund supports Design and Merchandising activities such as workshops, visiting scholars, guest lecturers, field trips, site visits for faculty to stay current in the field, or exhibits. The Kotsiopulos Memorial Scholarship supports juniors and seniors in the College of Health and Human Sciences who have documented people helping people volunteer service or employment.

Antigone Kotsiopulos Photo Album