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Professional Skills

In this program, you’ll experience an excellent education through relevant, interpersonal, and technology-rich learning experiences, preparing you to meet client needs in a variety of ways.

Actively Advocate

You’ll be able to advocate on behalf of clients and the counseling profession in a way that embraces and advances diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Help Others Build Lives of Purpose

Learn how to apply your career and personal counseling skills to help others design meaningful lives.

Learn the Theory

Build a strong foundation that will help you to understand client issues and select appropriate counseling interventions.

Encourage Client Wellness

Learn to establish quality relationships with clients and apply appropriate counseling processes for your clients’ best wellness.

Impact Evidence-Based Practice

Identify, implement, and critically evaluate traditional and new counseling interventions that generate and inform evidence-based practice.

Understand Professional Ethics

Learn to examine, evaluate, and apply your core values to the practice of professional ethics. You’ll also develop an understanding of ethical principles and standards of practice, and learn to apply them in decision-making.

Develop Identity as a Counselor

At the end of the program, you will have cultivated an authentic counselor identity by blending self-awareness, counseling knowledge, and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Engage in Self-Reflection

Throughout the program, you’ll engage in meaningful self-reflection that leads to better professional practice and stronger client outcomes.

Program Resources

Our graduate programs have slightly different application requirements. Get all the details for your application here.

There are a number of funding opportunities available for our graduate programs.

Learn how your graduate degree will lead to your next career.

Learn about our dedicated faculty and their areas of interest.

CCD Program Handbook

Contains detailed information about how our program operates.

View our Accreditation Documentation

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