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Pursue a Doctoral Degree in Education Equity

The Education, Equity, and Transformation doctoral specialization is designed for students who are passionate about addressing vital issues in education. If you want to make a lasting impact through research, teaching, leadership, and curriculum design, this program is for you.

Delivered face-to-face at CSU’s main campus in Fort Collins, this 60-credit program offers a strong foundation in the skills and knowledge needed in research and teaching, including:

  • Curriculum development
  • Quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • Teaching and learning philosophy
  • Assessment

Program Highlights What You'll Do

This degree will prepare you to work as a faculty member, educational leader, researcher, curriculum developer, or another professional role that impacts educational contexts at local, national, and international levels.

Asset 11 Community

Work with a community of scholars dedicated to addressing issues of equity and transforming educational contexts to be inclusive for all learners.


Develop extensive quantitative and qualitative research skills.

Asset 248 Synthesis

Connect theory and practice to address vital educational issues.

Professional Development

Tailor course work and research experiences toward professional goals.

Supportive Advisers to Guide You

Once you’re admitted to the program, you’ll be assigned a supportive adviser. Many students develop a strong, long-term professional relationship with their advisers.


Your adviser will answer your questions, provide feedback, and help you select courses and dissertation committee members.

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They’ll help mold your research skills and abilities, likely serving as research partners as you begin to publish professionally.

person pointing to text on a computer screen


They’ll guide you on your career, giving you advice on applications, providing expert knowledge, and sharing their professional connections around the country.

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Build a Program that Fits Your Goals Focus on Your Areas of Interest

The EET program’s interdisciplinary approach allows you to tailor coursework and research to your area of interest. Our core curriculum includes five content-focused and three research courses.

For your remaining coursework, you’ll work with expert faculty to build a program of study that includes graduate-level electives in your area of interest. Coursework in other departments is encouraged, for a well-rounded experience.

Your dissertation will be guided by faculty selected for their shared passion for your research.

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Take the Next Step

Think the Education, Equity, and Transformation doctoral program is right for you? Get started by contacting our EET program coordinator, Dr. Daniel Birmingham. He will help answer your questions and guide you to achieving your goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Asset 4 How long does this program take?

Most students finish this program in as little as five years. A full-time course load consists of two classes per semester. Once you’ve completed your course requirements, you’ll spend the remainder of the time on your dissertation.

Is this program online or in-person?

This program is delivered in person, at the main CSU campus in Fort Collins, Colorado. Our classes are small (5-15 students), seminar-based classes with ample discussion built-in.

Asset 320 When are classes scheduled?

Our doctoral courses are scheduled in the evenings. As this is not a cohort-style program, you’ll be able to move through the curriculum path at your own pace.

What are the classes like?

You’ll read seminal, current, relevant research on your own before engaging in robust discussions with instructors and peers in class. Our instructors ensure each class is a safe space for open and inquisitive learning.

Graduate Program Resources Useful Links

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Your Doctoral Journey

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