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Make a Difference as an Educator

Educators make a difference every day in the lives of PK-12 students.

As a special center within the School of Education, we prepare and equip future teachers and principals seeking careers as licensed educators.

Student teacher helps two middle school students with paper

Learn How to Become an Educator

Just beginning your undergraduate education? Already hold a bachelor’s degree? Thinking about pursuing a master’s degree?

We have options for you.

  • 96% find employment related to their major
  • $100,000+ in scholarships awarded annually to STEM education students (funded by CSU College of Natural Sciences)
  • Asset 370 72 of Colorado’s school districts hire our graduates

Teacher Licensure Combine Your Passion and Academic Interests

Become a Licensed Teacher

You’ll complete content coursework in the subject you’re planning to teach, along with education coursework. You have the option to complete education coursework as an undergraduate, post-bachelor, or graduate student as part of your program of study.

Our goal is to prepare and empower you to impact the next generation of learners through teaching. Each semester, you’ll gain fieldwork experience in PK-12 schools. You’ll lead groups of students, collaborate and learn from mentor teachers, and even have the opportunity to teach a class on your own.

Student teacher answers questions in middle school classroom

Build Partnerships

Our teacher education program is established on the Professional Development Schools model. We partner with local school districts, giving you the opportunity to gain experience with PK-12 students from the beginning of the program. You’ll learn by doing, and from professional teachers actively working in the field.

You’ll finish the program with both sound academic preparation and strong practical experience, ready to start your career as a professional teacher.

Student teacher conducts middle school band students
  • Make an impact on the next generation
  • 800+ hours of PK-12 classroom experience
  • Work with kids to build their skills and knowledge

Principal Licensure Develop Your Educational Leadership

PK-12 Leadership Skills

Build the foundation in pedagogy and effective theories of leadership you’ll need to direct education programs.

Person who appears to identify as female lectures group of students at tables

Supportive Network of Peers and Mentors

You’ll develop a network of peers and mentors to support your journey through the program and beyond.

Person who appears to identify as a white male mentors student who appears to identify as female

Meet Our Faculty and Staff

Our faculty is made up of professional teachers, principals, administrators, and more – instructors who know what you need to know to be successful.

Faculty members engage in research related to PK-12 teaching and leadership, along with other topics relating to education. They continuously seek opportunities to connect theory and practice.

Dr. Ann Sebald lectures a group of students

Program Highlights Learn More About Our Program

Learn the ins and outs of applying for a license, submitting appropriate paperwork, and exams.

We partner with local school districts to allow future teachers to gain experience in real schools with real students from the very beginning of the program.

We are accredited at the state and national level ensuring teacher education programs meet standards and expectations at all levels.

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