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The research mission of the School of Social Work is to promote and protect health as a human right across the life course through critically-engaged science that amplifies traditionally marginalized voices, in partnership with individuals, families, communities, and systems.

Research & Innovation Labs

The Alternatives for Mental Health and Healing Lab develops, delivers, and evaluates trainings on shifting paradigms and practices in mental health, collaborates on the expansion of novel peer-based programming, and investigates emerging uses of psychoactive compounds for genuine healing.

The Parent-Child Relationships and Well-Being Lab works with children and families to understand the barriers, promoters, and pathways that shape child and family health and developmental outcomes, and uses this knowledge to inform family-oriented prevention and intervention programming that meets the unique needs of families, particularly those who experience low-income or are living in high-risk environments.

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We are committed to a shared journey that supports and guides students within a culture of professional excellence, and we address the Grand Challenges for Social Work. Help keep our research and academic programs thriving for generations to come.

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