College History

We celebrate the diversity of our alumni, faculty, and staff, who come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. Our Facebook milestones provides a historical journey from our roots in the early days of Colorado Agricultural College in the 1870s to today. To commemorate our roots in the field of Home Economics, in 2009 the College created this video to celebrate the 115th anniversary of Home Economics at CSU.

What is now known as the College of Health and Human Sciences was formed in 1986 when the College of Professional Studies and the College of Human Resource Sciences, formerly known as Home Economics, joined to create the College of Applied Human Sciences. This merger brought together the Departments of Education, Communication Disorders, Industrial Sciences, Physical Education, Social Work, and Vocational Education from the College of Professional Studies, and the Departments of Consumer Sciences and Housing, Food Sciences and Nutrition, Human Development and Family Studies, Occupational Therapy, Textiles and Clothing, and Home Economics Education from the College of Human Resource Sciences. The interior design program was transferred from the Department of Art and combined with the Departments of Textiles and Clothing, and Consumer Sciences to form the Department of Design, Merchandising, and Consumer Sciences. The Departments of Education and Vocational Education joined to become what is now the School of Education.

In 2011, we celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the formation of the College of Applied Human Sciences.

Over the past quarter century, these departments, schools, and programs have evolved to form our current eight academic units. To learn more about the College’s current academic programs, click here.

In February, 2013, the Board of Governors of the Colorado State University System approved a name change to the College of Health and Human Sciences.

The new name more clearly defines the disciplines and mission of the College, which have evolved through the years. Adding health allows us to better promote our programs to align with student needs, national priorities, community professionals, alumni activities, and supporters of our College.

Human health and improving the quality of life has been a part of our College since its origins in the fields of home economics and professional studies. The disciplines in our College are focused on research and outreach helping people achieve physical, mental, and social well-being. For example, we are:

  • Advancing health and independence across the lifespan through multi-disciplinary inquiry
  • Preventing disease by supporting exercise and good nutrition
  • Advocating for sustainable communities
  • Promoting quality education for people of all ages
  • Optimizing design and construction for healthy living

The College of Health and Human Sciences is led by Dean Jeff McCubbin, who came to CSU in July 2011. Current faculty and staff directories are available here.

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