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Student Resources

There are several scholarships available specifically for Food Science and Human Nutrition students. You need to fill out the general CSU scholarship application. Search the College scholarship database to see the full list.

As a Hospitality and Event Management major, you can join a club to promote nutrition and health in the CSU community, network with industry professionals, and build leadership experience in a club officer role.

At least once per semester, you will meet with your academic success coordinator, who can help you answer questions about which majors and careers might be right for you, what courses and extracurricular activities will help you prepare, and how to stay on track for graduation.

Career Resources

With a degree in Hospitality and Event Management, you will be able to find careers in areas such as hotels, event planning, and food and beverage to name a few. Our FSHN Job board will help you in your search!

Explore various Hospitality and Event Management jobs including job title, salary range, who is hiring, how to prepare, and general responsibilities.  You’ll also see a list of recent job placements.

Industry Resources

Industry Connections

Our program has a strong relationship with several companies in the industry including but not limited to Disney, Hyatt, Marriott, Chipotle and The Westin. We strive to keep conversations open to enable a smooth transition for you from campus to business.

The Advisory Board is made up of local business managers and owners from Hot Corner Concepts to the Elizabeth Hotel to Budweiser Events Center. The board helps inform how we can all move forward together.

Listen to what some of our community leaders in the industry are saying about our program.

Hospitality and Event Management News