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CSU Extension

As part of the Land Grant University System nationwide, Colorado State University Extension offers a wide variety of educational programs and resources. Food Science & Human Nutrition Extension staff provide nutrition, food safety, and health information and education encouraging its application by residents of Colorado’s 64 counties.

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Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center

Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center dietitian nutritionists provide motivational nutrition information, lifestyle coaching, cooking classes, and personalized diet, shopping, meal planning, and wellness tips.

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Aspen Grille

Conceived and designed by students, the Aspen Grille offers real-world experience to students in the Hospitality Management Program within the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition.

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Lillian Fountain Smith Nutrition Conference

The Lillian Fountain Smith Conference was first made possible with charitable gifts from the Lillian Fountain Smith Trust, established by Mr. and Mrs. J. Fish Smith. In 2021 we will celebrate the 39th year of the conference virtually. People have attended this conference from across the United States during the past three decades.


Culinary Lab

The Culinary Lab offers a training, research, and testing environment for CSU students while providing shared-use services to the Larimer County community and university employees.

Science of Food Fermentation class learn about sourdough bread

Food Processing Support Services

Available for problem solving to Colorado food industries and/or entrepreneurs.

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