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Diversity Initiatives Our Commitment to You

We are committed to the highest standards of inclusion and equity through our education initiatives, innovative research, and multiple outreach and engagement programs. Our faculty and staff strive to uphold Colorado State’s Principles of Community, and work together to ensure we are providing opportunity and access to all of our students.  

We are proud to have more than 250 first-generation students. With nearly a dozen faculty and staff that were also first-generation students, we are committed to supporting students on their journey and providing the necessary resources to help first-generation students succeed.  

The Support Women in Science Need

We are proud to be a leading department in both research and education by supporting women in science.  Over 60% of our student population self-identify as female. It is our mission to make this department THE place in our field to train women leaders in science.

Female student pipetting a solution

The Destination for Non-Traditional and Transfer Students

Our program is built with the workforce in mind, with many opportunities for students to engage directly with the field through research, internships, networking, and practicum while still in school. Our ability to fuse the educational environment with the real world aspects of our field make us uniquely equipped to work with non-traditional, transfer, and veteran students looking for hands on job training and to finish their degrees in a way that launches them into their careers.

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  • Asset 86 25% of HES students are Pell Grant eligible
  • Asset 344 23% of HES students are first generation
  • Asset 359 22% of HES students are transfers
  • 5% of HES students are veterans
  • 9% of HES students are non-traditional students
  • Asset 9 1% of HES students are internationally based

Rams Take Care, Rams Take Action

As a department, we vow to see each of our students as individual and important pieces that make up the unique framework of our department. As such, we expect members of our department to treat everyone with respect, integrity, and equity. In pursuit of that goal, we acknowledge that not every college experience is the same, and that we stand in solidarity to those who feel unwelcome or unsafe in spaces that should be open and comfortable due to identities that they cannot control. We adopt and endorse the statements made by the Dean of the College of Health and Human Sciences, the Office of the Vice President of Diversity, the President of Colorado State University. We commit, as a department, to addressing racism in all forms, and that there is no place in our department for racism, sexism, homophobia, religious or xenophobia, along with any other ways in which individuals try to discriminate against other individuals that are different from themselves. We as a department come from all over the world and all walks of life. That is what makes us unique and we are committed to being better stewards of education and equity every day.

This is a mission we share with the university as a whole. Check out other missions, statements and pledges made from across the university.

CSU Race, Bias, and Equity Initiative

President Joyce McConnell has launched the Race, Bias, and Equity Initiative at CSU. The initiative is being led by Vice President for Student Affairs Blanche Hughes and Vice President for Diversity Mary Ontiveros.

Diversity News in CHHS