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Are you a first-generation student?

If your parents never earned a bachelor’s degree, you are a first-gen student. We couldn’t be prouder of your achievements. Find resources on this page to help you on your academic journey.

  • First-Generation Students whose parents have never earned a bachelor's degree
  • 26% first-generation students in our College
  • Giving Back First-generation graduates are more likely to choose careers to help their communities

Connect with Us

As a first-generation faculty or staff member, we have experienced that education opens doors, and transforms and empowers people. We’d love to share with you our wealth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom about the common experiences of being first generation in the world of higher education. Let us know if you have questions, would like someone to provide perspective with tips and resources to assist in your academic success and transition, or just listen.

Resources for First-Generation Students

Colorado State University has started this initiative to help first-generation students succeed.

This program helps low-income, first-generation college students, foster youth, and students with disabilities to stay in college until they earn their bachelor’s degrees.

The scholarship was created by the governing board of the University to encourage participation in college by first-generation college students who have a significant financial need and to promote diversity among our students.

Success Stories First-Generation Student Features