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Specialize in Adult Education and Training

Develop Effective Learning Programs

You’ll be able to think critically and strategically about learning programs, and why they’re important to adult learners.

Design Instructional Materials

You’ll know how to design and develop your instructional materials and learning programs.

Encourage Learner Success

You’ll be able to determine what instruction methods will be most successful for which learners and how to use various technologies effectively in your learning program.

Ensure Students Meet Learning Outcomes

You’ll understand how learning transfer works, how to assess learners, and how to evaluate your programs to ensure your students meet the desired learning outcomes.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

EDAE 692: Seminar

Practice facilitation and learning transfer strategies through problem solving, ropes course activities, and more. This summer seminar takes place in-person at the CSU Mountain Campus near Fort Collins, Colorado.

Sign at the entry of Colorado State University's mountain campus in Pingree Park, outside Fort Collins, Colorado

Spiritual Practices in Thailand is a two-week summer seminar. Dive into cultural applications of lifelong learning, focusing on spirituality and adult education.

Program Resources

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