Start a Scholarship

Supporting Students with Scholarships

Supporting our students remains a pivotal mission for the College of Health and Human Sciences at Colorado State University, and we invite you to join us in this important effort.

With one of the largest scholarship programs on campus, we proudly award more than 250 scholarships annually totaling more than $360,000. This is a testament not only to our talented students, but to the caring dedication and generous spirits of our donors.

A scholarship gift is a powerful way to encourage our students to pursue a career that ignites their passions. We believe that a quality and unique educational experience is an important part of developing our industries’ future leaders. Because of your gifts, students who would not normally be able to participate in additional hands-on learning opportunities like internships, service-learning, and competitions outside of the classroom will now have the freedom to enrich their own student experiences. Your donations allow students to make the most of their time at CSU.

Giving to Existing Scholarships

Many donors enjoy the power of collective giving to support students, and make one-time or regular gifts to scholarships.

  • Donate any amount to HHS Students First Scholarship Fund – which awards scholarships to outstanding undergraduate students in each of our disciplines.
  • Make a gift to one of more than 200 existing scholarship funds in our college. We can help find the right one for you, or you can browse the current scholarships here.

Establishing a Named Scholarship

While supporting today’s students, scholarship gifts can also honor those who have made a difference in your life. Named scholarships can pay tribute to a loved one or special faculty member, preserve a family name, or highlight a company presence. Scholarships connect the past, present and future!

Each scholarship gift is unique because it is based on your wishes. For example, you may:

  • Start your own Annual Scholarship in your name, in memory of a loved one, or in honor of a colleague or former professor. Annual scholarships are established with a minimum five-year commitment of giving $1,000 or more, and depend on a gift from a donor every year.
    • $2,500 and above (recommended) annual commitment: You may name the fund and designate the college, department, program, or major, as well as criteria including GPA, financial need, class level, and other appropriate critiera. This level supports approximately 25 percent of in-state undergraduate tuition for one year.
    • $1,000-2,499 annual commitment: You may name a fund and designate only the college, department, program, or major in which the scholarship is awarded; all other appropriate criteria will be designated by the college/unit.
    • Annual scholarships can be funded with multiple payments, such as monthly credit card charges. A $1,000 scholarship can be funded with a gift of $83 per month.
  • Establish an Endowed Scholarship to award scholarships in perpetuity.
    • With an endowed scholarship, your contributions are invested with the CSU Foundation, and students are awarded scholarships each year from a portion of the earnings. Any remainder is then reinvested in the fund, to preserve and ensure growth of the endowment in perpetuity. Scholarship endowments may be funded at one time or up to five years. Your endowment will support students for generations!
    • $50,000 and greater - Presidential Level: You may name the scholarship, designate the program, department, and may provide specific designations such as GPA, financial need, class level, service, career goals, and more. The annual payout from this level supports approximately 25 percent of in-state undergraduate tuition for one year.
    • $25,000-49,999 - University Level: You may name the scholarship, designate the college, department, major, and or program in which the scholarship is awarded; all other appropriate criteria will be designated by college/unit.

Types of Scholarship Gifts

There are many options for scholarship giving that can accommodate your philanthropic goals and budget.

  • Annual Gifts support your interests on a yearly basis. Multi-year pledges allow the College to establish a named fund and criteria to align with your interests.
  • Endowments assure that your gift will remain at CSU in perpetuity. After one year of growth, your endowment will distribute 4.5 percent to your scholarship, fellowship or program fund. In the years that your investment realizes more than 4.5 percent, the additional interest is applied to your principal. (CSU has shown a very healthy return rate over the years). Endowments may be established with a multi-year pledge over up to five years.
  • Planned Gifts are deferred gifts, and may include making CSU the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, a retirement account, a bequest in your estate, real estate, and charitable gift annuities.
  • Blended gifts pair an annual or major gift with a planned gift. Your annual or endowed scholarship created during your lifetime allows you to have an impact now, and your planned gift will ensure your annual giving legacy will continue beyond your lifetime and/or increase your endowed fund.

Scholarship Donor Benefits

  • Meeting scholarship recipient(s) each year at annual College of Health and Human Sciences or Construction Management scholarship events.
  • Recognition at the college Homecoming Breakfast - with gifts of $25,000 and greater.
  • Membership benefits of the 1870 Club, including invitation to annual1870 Dinner and other members-only events and communications - with annual giving of $1,870 and greater.
  • Membership benefits of Frontier Legacy Society, including invitation to the annual Frontier Legacy Society Luncheon – with a planned gift.
  • Sharing a brief personal or family history and inspiration for your gift within the fund agreement, so your story will live on with your investment.
  • The opportunity to name a fund to celebrate a family member, friend, or beloved faculty member, or bring honor to a business or organization.

Thank you for considering a scholarship gift and investing in our collective future. If you would like more information on how you can join our family of donors, please contact Karrie Butler at (970) 491-6690 or at