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What is a Master's in Adult Education?

With a master’s degree focused on adult education and training, you’ll be equipped to plan, deliver, and manage adult learning programs in your current – or dream – field or organization. Choose from an on-campus program with evening classes or online delivery.

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Adult Education Master's Program What You'll Learn

We combine practical assignments and experiences with current adult learning theory. You’ll be prepared to apply your knowledge and expertise in helping others pursue lifelong learning.

Project-based assignments ensure you’ll gain real-world knowledge, and be able to immediately apply this knowledge to your current work. You’ll engage in individual and collaborative projects designed to reflect the realities of today’s workforce.

View the Plan A Curriculum

The Plan A option is research-oriented. You’ll end the program with a thesis focused on a topic of important concern in the field of adult education and training.

View the Plan B Curriculum

The Plan B option results in a professional portfolio. Your portfolio will be a comprehensive expression of you, and your knowledge and expertise in adult education and training.

View the Online Curriculum

Our online program offers the same curriculum and instructors as our on-campus program. Most of the coursework is asynchronous, offering flexibility while maintaining high contact levels with your peers and faculty.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Our Graduate Programs Coordinator can answer any questions you have.

Specialize in Adult Education and Training

Presentation Icon Develop Effective Learning Programs

You’ll be able to think critically and strategically about learning programs, and why they’re important to adult learners.

Asset 139 Design Instructional Materials

You’ll know how to design and develop your instructional materials and learning programs.

Asset 293 Encourage Learner Success

You’ll be able to determine what instruction methods will be most successful for which learners, and how to use various technologies effectively in your learning program.

Asset 96 Ensure Students Meet Learning Outcomes

You’ll understand how learning transfer works, how to assess learners, and how to evaluate your programs to ensure your students meet the desired learning outcomes.

You Educate Adult Learners

You’ve got knowledge and experience. People look to you for content expertise.

You want those in your field and organization to have the best education and training, so they’re prepared with the skill sets they need to be successful.

You tend to ask critical questions about how people learn best and why.

You aren’t satisfied with the status quo in learning and continually think of ways to improve learning programs and processes.

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We'll Help You Be a Better Educator

Regardless of your career aspirations, you will leave this program prepared to meet a wide variety of opportunities, such as:

A totally new career
A new role in your current organization
A new role in a new organization
Application to doctoral programs

You’ll leave the program with a collection of practical examples that will speak to your understanding of the theory and how to apply it to real-world environments.

You’ll become a critically reflective practitioner, able to conduct and communicate workplace research as it relates to and informs the field of adult learning and training.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

EDAE 692: Seminar

Practice facilitation and learning transfer strategies through problem solving, ropes course activities, and more. This summer seminar takes place in-person at the CSU Mountain Campus near Fort Collins, Colorado.

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Spiritual Practices in Thailand is a two-week summer seminar. Dive into cultural applications of lifelong learning, focusing on spirituality and adult education.

Not Ready to Pursue a Degree?

Interested in becoming a better educator of adult learners? Not quite ready to pursue a degree?

We offer a graduate-level certificate, delivered online or on-campus – you choose the option that best fits your life. Taught by our adult education and training faculty, this certificate will help you build your skills in specific aspects of adult education, giving you the knowledge you need for your current role, to move into a different role, or to change your career completely.

Online Graduate Certificate in Facilitating Adult Learning

This four-course series, 12 credits will teach you a variety of facilitation techniques and strategies you can implement in adult training and education environments, helping your students meet desired learning outcomes.

Graduate Program Resources Useful Links

Asset 95 How to Apply

Our graduate programs have slightly different application requirements. Get all the details for your application here.

There are a number of funding opportunities available for our graduate programs.

Learn about our dedicated faculty and their areas of interest.

Learn how your graduate degree will lead to your next career.

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