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M.Ed. in Education and Human Resources Studies Organizational Learning, Performance and Change

Earn your master’s degree online. Become an effective manager, leader, and facilitator as you learn how to analyze workplace issues, implement organizational change, and enhance performance.

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M.Ed. in Education and Human Resource Studies About the Organizational Learning, Performance and Change Specialization

The Organizational Learning, Performance and Change master’s specialization is designed to equip you to make a strong impact on your organization’s people and processes. You’ll be able to apply your new skills to individuals, teams, systems, and processes at your organization – or, as a consultant to many organizations seeking strategic improvements to their company.

This program includes an application component – critical to moving you from knowledge to action, and preparing you for real-world human capital and organizational performance issues. You’ll have access to organizations to experiment with the tools and techniques you learn in class, seeing results first-hand and learning to adjust your thinking to meet challenges.

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Learn How to Work With Organizations at Any Level

As an organizational learning, performance and change expert, you’ll be a valuable business partner for organizations of any kind.

Asset 50 Assess the Need for Change

Asset 248 Develop Solutions for Change

Asset 317 Implement Solutions

Asset 86 Assess Solution Effectiveness

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Our Graduate Programs Coordinator can answer any questions you have.

Learn to Help Individuals, Teams, and Processes Perform Better

You’ll focus on specific topics during each year of this two-year, online program.

Year One Focus: Workplace Learning and Performance

You’ll learn how to solve and resolve issues at an individual level, particularly how to analyze, conceptualize, design-develop-implement, and evaluate workplace learning and performance.

Year Two Focus: Organizational Learning and Performance

The second year focuses more broadly on teams, processes and organizations, and how you can act as a strategic business partner in helping organizations determine what change is needed.

You’ll learn how to enter-contract-diagnose orgs, what action learning and inquiry is, how to plan and facilitate – then assess and close change interventions, and more.

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Wondering if This Program is Right For You?

You might already work in a role that requires you to think creatively and holistically about solving issues within the organization. You might be:

  • In management: human resource, business or operations
  • In training, learning or other skills-development roles
  • Advising or consulting
  • A small business owner
  • In administration: education, healthcare or nonprofit

Your background might include psychology, business or sociology, as well as industries including energy, engineering, education or healthcare. Or, you might be in a different role or industry altogether.

Your developed and applied skills as a learning, performance and change problem-solver will help you get to the next level in your career.

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Asset 143 Courses Delivered Online

Asset 115 Connect with Peers and Faculty via Online Tools

Asset 368 Integration of Theory, Research, and Practice

Asset 344 Taught by Expert Faculty

Designed to Fit your Life

You’re a working professional. You need a program that fits your life – not a program you have to fit your life around. This program is totally online, immersing you in the curriculum through an asynchronous learning experience.

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Graduate Program Resources Useful Links

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